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Week 12 - "Mom, are you sure there's a baby in there?"

My kids are getting used to the idea that there's a baby in Mommy's tummy. They keep asking where the baby is, and when I point to my (still relatively flat) stomach, it seems like they don't believe me or else they think I'm too dumb to know what a woman looks like when she's pregnant. They'll point to obviously pregnant women in the grocery store and say, "Mom, that lady has a baby in her tummy." They've both taken to wearing Care Bears stuffed up their shirts so they'll look pregnant. My almost-four year-old has been showing his sister how to "give birth" to a baby by ripping it as fast as he can from underneath his shirt. If it were only that easy!

One of the fun things about having some pregnancy-related issues my ob wants to keep an eye on (like my torn cervix) is that I get to have a lot of appointments and either see the baby on ultrasound or hear the heartbeat. One of the not-so-fun things is that I often have to take my two preschoolers to the appointments. This week I was thrilled to see an empty waiting room when I arrived with both of the kids, the stroller, ten books, two juice boxes, and a bag of goldfish. We got into our room quickly too, which was another big bonus. We sat there and waited. . . and waited. . . . and waited. Finally, after about 45 minutes, my doctor showed up and did the world's quickest exam as the stir-crazy kids ran around the room. The kids' favorite part is not seeing their baby brother or sister on the ultrasound machine or hearing the heartbeat, but getting the stickers at the end of the visit. Whatever keeps them happy, I guess.

Last week at this time I was suffering from feeling pretty lousy all day long. I never threw up (fingers still crossed on that one) but felt sick whenever my stomach started to empty and pretty much all evening every day. Then on Tuesday I felt an unfamiliar sensation in my stomach and after a few minutes recognized that I was hungry! I hadn't let myself get hungry for more that six weeks because every time I got hungry I felt awful for the rest of the day. So just as suddenly as the morning sickness arrived in week six, it disappeared in week twelve! I gained three pounds in the first twelve weeks--mostly because I was constantly stuffing myself with carbs to keep the nausea at bay.

While we told our families about the baby about a month ago, I finally felt confident enough that this pregnancy was a keeper to tell some friends this week. We were at church on Sunday and one of the women asked me if I would be the faculty advisor for the College Republicans club on the campus of the community college where I teach. Although I'm definitely not a republican, I felt that I could say no with the most grace by telling her that I wouldn't be teaching next semester because I'm expecting a baby. One of my good friends was sitting next to me at the time, and she's been sharing the news with lots of people. It's funny how you only have to tell one person (if it's the right person) and the news gets spread to everyone!

I also got some great news this week--my best friend from college, who started trying for her second child about two years ago, is pregnant again! We're cautiously optimistic this time (she has had four miscarriages since her son was born and has been working with an RE for more than a year). She's due about a month and a half after I am and I'm thrilled for her!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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