ShelahWeek 11 - The rules of the name In keeping with my early-bird nature, I'd love to have this baby named...

Week 11 - The rules of the name

In keeping with my early-bird nature, I'd love to have this baby named as soon as we know the gender. I know a lot of people prefer to see the baby first, but I really like the idea of knowing the baby's name well ahead of time. The only problem for us is deciding on a name that both of us can stand to give to our child. Eddie has a TON of baby name rules and I have a few, so between the two of us I'm surprised there's a name we can agree on at all. Most of them are based on our last name, which is Miner. Here goes:

1) Not in the top 50 of last year's Social Security Administration popularity list; preferably not in the top 100. (my rule, the names of both of our other kids, Bryce and Anne, were around #100 when they were born)

2) Name can't start with an M, because our last name starts with an M. (Eddie's rule)

3) The last letter of the first name also shouldn't be an M because it would be hard to distinguish where the first name ends and the last name begins (like Noah Adams on NPR, for the longest time I thought his name was Noe Adams). (my rule)

4) Our last name has two syllables, so the first name should have one or three syllables to balance out the last name. (Eddie's rule)

5) The name can't end in -er, because our last name ends in -er and we don't like the singsonginess of that combo (Eddie's rule).

6) Our last name has a long "i" sound, and we'd prefer to have a long "i" sound in the first name, but it's ok if it's in the middle name too. (Eddie's rule)

7)We like to use family names, at least for the middle name, but won't use a name that one of the cousins already has. (my rule)

8) The name can't have a weird nickname or be spelled in an unusual way (we agree on this one-- since we're Eddie and Shelah we're sensitive to weird names).

9) Since we already have a child whose name begins with A and a child whose name begins with B, we're flirting with the idea of continuing the alphabetical thing and giving the next one a name that begins with C. (my idea)

10) We won't use the name of any of the people we dated before we met each other. (we agree on this rule, and it's too bad, because I dated guys with some really nice names)

11) Any of the above rules can be broken if we come up with a name we both love.

With our first two kids, we did a pretty good job. Our son, Bryce Edward Miner, and our daughter, Anne Caroline Miner, both have names that follow all the rules. Will this one be the rule-breaker?

I think that's it (at least it's all I can remember for now). We haven't started to discuss the names. Every time I mention it, he starts listing off crazy names that sports players have and I get frustrated and tell him to shut up. We have a few more months before we really need to tackle the issue and about six more months before we have to make a final decision.

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