ValerieWeek 13: The search continues Well, it was a week of ups and downs. The search for the right homebirth midwife continues,...

Week 13: The search continues
Well, it was a week of ups and downs. The search for the right homebirth midwife continues, though I've nearly exhausted the list of possibilities. To bring you up to date, there is one midwife who lives "close" to me (that is, about an hour away) who isn't taking anyone for the summer. There is one who lives farther away, who seems PERFECT, but she is concerned about the distance issue. There is our former homebirth midwife who seems to be incommunicado these days. There is another KY midwife who charges way too much for way too little. There is the lady who lives north of Cincinnati, who also works as a birth assistant with the CNMs I used to see. Then there is the duo I will most likely book with, who live in the same town as the first midwife I mentioned, about an hour east of us.

I spoke with one of those midwives last week and we have set up a meeting for a couple of weeks from now. This will be one of those Q&A "getting to know you" meetings before I officially hire her...or I should say THEM, since she works with a midwife partner. The interesting twist to this meeting is the midwife from farther away, the one I'd really like to work with, will most likely be joining us, agreeing to be back-up for the others. The fee is reasonable. However, the one drawback is they don't do home visits until the end of pregnancy. I'm hoping to talk them into some alternative arrangement, possibly even some self-monitoring. You can imagine the juggling act I perform toting my large family around. Minimizing my outings would be helpful.

I'm trying now to think positively about traveling east for these occasional visits. After all, it's a drive into REAL country (everyone we know from Cincinnati thinks WE live in the boonies, and all the country folk think we live in "the city"). Instead of interstate driving, with hectic and stressful traffic, it will be a relaxing drive through pretty scenery. It will be a nice opportunity for my two littlest ones to nap. Plus, DH's family lives out that way, and I'd probably have willing babysitters available if I needed a break. Yeah, it wouldn't be THAT bad. It could be almost as relaxed as being home, if I set my mind to it. An interesting book on tape could even make the trip educational.

My husband has decided to change jobs. He will basically be going back to his former company, which laid him off last May. The change means more travel for him, but also more money. With another mouth soon to feed, more money will be welcome. Now, if I were planning a hospital birth or seeing someone that insurance would pay for, the job change during a pregnancy would be a bit unsettling. However, since the homebirth is completely out-of-pocket, I don't have that concern that comes with inevitable insurance change. And with the salary increase, maybe we'll be able to resolve our van seating issue.

Until next week,

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