ValerieWeek 11 - Nothing Much As the title states, nothing much is going on around here. I feel almost guilty even making...

Week 11 - Nothing Much
As the title states, nothing much is going on around here. I feel almost guilty even making an entry, since everything is oh-so-much the same. We got back into our more usual routine and had a couple of activities to go to this week for the kids. It was nice to get out and see friends again and do something that didn't involve holiday shopping.

I contacted another midwife this week who lives a bit closer to me. She's still in the midst of planning her summer vacation, so she's not sure she'll be around when I'm due or not. She will hopefully get back to me sometime soon. It's not that I'm in any rush to start prenatal visits, but I'd like to have SOME idea what my options might be before I start seeking out the more "interventive" midwives lurking out there.

Actually, I guess there IS something new this week. We just made vacation plans of our own. We decided to take vacation early this year for a few reasons. It's nice not having to be tied down to a school schedule when vacations have to be taken during the summer. So, we're going south for the first 1.5 weeks of March. My husband and son have been wanting to take in some spring training baseball games, so we thought it would be great to make it a family vacation before the baby comes. We're heading to sunny Florida in our will be so nice to spend some time on the Gulf Coast before it's too hot. Then we'll head down to the Everglades National Park. Hope we see some alligators!

The main reason we're doing vacation early, though, is we have an issue with our van. It seats only seven and we're not in a financial position to trade in for an 8-seater. We're looking into adding a 3-seat bench from a salvage yard so it will seat 8, but there's the potential of using the two-car system for a little while. "But you have a motorhome," you're saying. Yes, but it's large and we tow a vehicle behind so we can get around easier when traveling. Besides, I don't want to be waddling around very pregnant during a hot summer vacation. Nor do I want to travel soon after the baby is born. So, a late winter vacation to the sunny south sounds like the best for everyone.

Pregnancy wise, I just don't feel pregnant. Really, hardly at all. Of course, there is this little ball down low in my abdomen, but other than that I feel extremely normal. Does this worry me? Well, kind of, but not enough to go seeking answers. I figure eventually I'll start feeling more pregnant and one thing or anither will confirm the home pregnancy test I took so long ago. A few more weeks and I should start feeling some kind of movements, and soon after that I should be able to find the heartbeat with my fetoscope. I suppose I could rent one of those doppler units to find the heartbeat, but that would probably get put on the back burner like so many other things. Ah well, such is life...

Until next week,

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