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Worrying may be as much a part of pregnancy as the proverbial cravings for pickles and ice cream, but here are a few worries you can scratch off your list right away.

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I'm worried that my morning sickness is depriving my baby of vital nutrients

You don't have to hit the panic button if you're not able to stomach anything more exotic than soda crackers and dry toast. Garden-variety morning sickness is generally nothing to worry about because your body is able to draw upon its nutrient stores. If you become dehydrated, start losing weight, are ill for an extended period of time, or are an insulin-dependent diabetic, however, there could be cause for concern, and you'll want to your doctor right away.

I'm worried that having sex will hurt the baby

Sex is considered to be perfectly safe for most couples who are experiencing low-risk pregnancies. Your doctor is only likely to tell you to dose the flames of passion if you're experiencing vaginal bleeding, if you have been diagnosed with placenta previa, if your membranes have ruptured, or if you have a history of preterm labor and delivery.

I'm worried that the dose of acetaminophen I took last week may have been harmful to my baby

Pregnancy doesn't have to be a nine-month-long exercise in martyrdom. Most doctors agree it's okay to wave the white flag and take the odd dose of acetaminophen if you're experiencing a killer headache. If you're concerned about the risks posed by a particular medication, it's best to check with your doctor or pharmacist before you take the medication. You'll save yourself a lot of after-the-fact worrying.

I tripped and fell earlier today. I'm worried that I may have hurt my baby

Unless you landed directly on your abdomen, chances are your baby is fine. Your body is designed to provide a great deal of protection for your baby. In general, there's little cause for concern unless you experience vaginal bleeding or the loss of amniotic fluid. Of course, if you experience a more serious fall or are involved in a car accident, it's best to err on the side of caution and seek out medical attention.

Is it really safe to exercise during pregnancy?

Most women who are experiencing low-risk pregnancies can safely continue with their pre-pregnancy workout regime. Remaining physically active can, in fact, reap tremendous dividends for both mother and baby. Of course, women who are experiencing certain types of pregnancy complications or who are at risk of experience preterm labor may be advised to put their workout plans on hold until after the delivery. In this case, you'll want to follow your doctor's recommendations.

I'm worried about flying during pregnancy

Flying is considered safe during pregnancy provided that the airplane cabin is pressurized. You will, however, want to get up and walk around or to move your legs at regular intervals to prevent blood clots from forming in your legs. One other important point with regard to air travel: Don't be surprised if the airline asks you to produce a note from your doctor indicating that you're not due to deliver in the next six weeks. Most airlines are understandably reluctant to get into the mid-air delivery business!

Should I stop using the computer while I'm pregnant?

No study to date has been able to demonstrate that computer use is harmful to the developing baby. The only documented pregnancy-related problem is an increased risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Some days my baby is more active than others. Should I worry?

A baby's activity levels can vary from day to day. As long as you've felt at least 10 movements over a six-hour period, chances are your baby is fine.

I'm worried that I'll end up giving birth on the way to the hospital

Unless you have unusually fast labors, there is generally little cause for concern. Mother Nature generally gives most mothers enough warning to allow them to get to the hospital before baby makes his or her grand entrance.

I'm worried about going overdue. Can being overdue be harmful to my baby?

Most doctors will start monitoring a baby through ultrasound once the baby is a week overdue and will ask you to do kick counts to monitor your baby's activity level. If at any point your doctor concludes that your baby would be better off being born than remaining inside the womb, the decision will be made to bring on labor sooner rather than later. In the meantime, try not to worry if your baby is merely fashionably late.

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