ValerieWell, my week started out so incredibly blissful. My husband is such a great guy. Even though he doesn't go out...

Well, my week started out so incredibly blissful. My husband is such a great guy. Even though he doesn't go out of his way to wait on me hand and foot when I'm pregnant, he does recognize my increased needs for physical nurturing. One of my Christmas gifts was a series of four pregnancy massages. He even went and scheduled the first massage for me two days after about a great way to get over the holiday stress. Oh, the massage was WONDERFUL! It was even better when the massage therapist asked if it was my first child. I laughed and told her it was our sixth. Her jaw nearly dropped to the floor. Then she exclaimed, "You look too young to have six children! Are they pretty close together?" Me? Too young? Well, honey, you just earned your tip with THAT! It just made my day. I always imagine myself looking my age (almost 35) or older, but I guess my skin care regimine must be helping.

Since we have five children and don't hire babysitters, we didn't make any plans for New Year's Eve. My sister-in-law had invited us to a party, but we declined. After all, they live about an hour away out in the country. While it would've been nice to hang with them and some of Matt's old friends, we both didn't relish the idea of driving that far on New Year's Eve. I don't know about you, but I personally don't have that much fun watching other people drink themselves silly, especially when I'm pregnant. I've become such a teetotaller in my "old age," it's hard to see the point in celebrating in that way. I much prefer to have my head about me and be completely lucid. Besides, our "regular" babysitters (the grandparents) already had plans of their own, so we stayed home. What did we do? Well, Matt got some wine that he enjoyed thoroughly and we stayed up with the older three kids watching music videos (country and rap, what a mix) until two minutes before midnight. Then we switched over to Dick Clark and watched the ball drop in Times Square. The kids were excited to have made it all the way to midnight. I know, BO-RINGGGG...but we didn't have to drive anywhere and we enjoyed the time spent with our kids.

I can't remember if I expressed my grief about having to tell my mother the news about this baby. This was something I was NOT looking forward to at all. The last few pregnancies, where I've told her to her face (out of courtesy, I thought), I was met with...well, let's just say "less than joy." This time around I got smart. I decided to send a carefully worded e-mail explaining that I thought that way would be easier so we both could avoid any emotionally charged comments. I also explained that this was as much a surprise for us, but a very welcome gift from God. And, since it was a new year bringing new things, what better day to give her the news? Well, she called in the afternoon of New Year's Day with what sounded like a very sincere congratulations and an "I'm happy for you." I was stunned. Not a single negative comment was made at all! I had built it up in my mind that it would be this big, horrible thing where she would lecture me on responsibility and our poor choice of family planning, blah-blah-blah. But she said nothing of the sort. If she's THINKING it, I have no idea, nor do I care. So, you see, things CAN be better than you imagine.

I've been in contact with a couple of midwives this week via e-mail. Gotta love e-mail..,it can save you some money on long distance calls. Anyway, it is hard to find a midwife, especially a direct-entry midwife (that is, not a certified nurse midwife/CNM) who attends births in this area. They all seem to be WAYYYY east of where we live, an hour or more south in Kentucky, or an hour plus north near Dayton. The last homebirth midwife we used lived nearly two hours away near Lexington, KY. I don't think she's doing births anymore, but I'd like to find someone a little closer. I have a lead on one midwife who lives two counties away, probably about an hour's drive...but she's no longer in the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) directory, so I'm not sure if she still does births. I'll give her a call next week. Until then,

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