ValerieSick kids As the title states, I have sick kids. Like most of the country (US, that is), Ohio has been...

Sick kids
As the title states, I have sick kids. Like most of the country (US, that is), Ohio has been hit in some areas with the flu bug.

I don't think we have the flu here, even though the school at our parish was closed for a few days last week. If we do have the flu, it is an incredibly mild case. Mainly the kids are coughing and snotty-nosed, but there are no fevers, aches, or other complaints, so I guess I have it pretty easy compared to some other families.

Still, sick kids means that I don't sleep as well. The 1-year-old was the first to come down with the illness, and for 3 nights he slept very poorly. That is, he would awaken, wanting to nurse, but got frustrated because he couldn't nurse and breathe at the same time. Silly child...he prefers breathing to nursing. Go figure. LOL! :-) Since my husband doesn't function well on interrupted sleep, this meant that I would have to go downstairs to comfort the baby, nurse, rock, and then sleep in a mostly upright position on the rocker-recliner. Surprisingly, that recliner is more comfortable than the couch. Finally we're to the point where the baby's no longer so congested, so when he wakes up, I can just roll over and nurse him back down to sleep. We're much happier all around.

Oh, did I mention we do the family bed thing for our nursing children? sometimes that means a couple of kids in bed, depending on when one weans and the newest one arrives. Actually, I only tandemed with these last two, who were nearly 19 months apart. Our now 2.5-year-old finally weaned when he was around 2. Obviously the family bed hasn't had a negative effect on our sex life! Will I tandem again? We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

So, are you getting an unconventional picture of me yet? Let's see, (1) we homeschool. Actually, to be even more unconventional, we really UNSCHOOL. That is, the kids are pretty much in charge in what they learn and how and when they learn it. So far it is working out very well. (2) We've done homebirth before and are looking at it again. (3) We don't agree with the ideas behind early prenatal care or well-child visits; (4) we sleep with nursing children; (5) we don't use "birth control". Now, lest you think we're some kind of granola-crunching hippies ("not that there's anything WRONG with that" you Seinfeld fans), we're traditional Catholics (that is, LOYAL to the teachings of the Church) who are conservative borderline Libertarians (if that's even possible? my DH calls himself a Republican). To top it off, yes, we drive a minivan and some of our kids play soccer. So, even though we "appear" like every other couple in middle-class suburbia, we're actual quite different than most of the people we live around.

Pregnancy wise I'm feeling pretty much the same. Most of the time I feel so good that I wonder if I'm still pregnant. Time will tell. Usually when I start wondering what's going on, my body reaffirms things by triggering nausea and exhaustion...and they usually come together. Which reminds me...I need to get some decent breakfast into me before I start feeling miserable. :-)

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