Meet Kymberli, a middle-school teacher from Georgia who kept this diary of her first pregnancy -- with twins!

One of the biggest perks of being a teacher is paid vacations! The kids don't realize that as teachers, we look forward to winter and Spring Break as probably more than they do. This year my intent was to spend the weeklong break preparing my lesson plans for maternity leave. I left work that Friday with my car loaded down in shower gifts, but also loaded with the books and workbooks needed to complete my plans. I dumped all of that "teacher stuff" into the backseat, and there it stayed for the entire week. I thought about doing some work, and that should count for something! I mean, it is the thought that counts, right?

"LAZY" -- that's what my name was during Spring Break. I chilled out, ate, relaxed, ate, watched TV, ate, slept, ate, used the bathroom a million times, and ate some more. It was absolute heaven! I was easily spoiled, and all of that laziness made my last two weeks of work go by oh, so slowly.

On Thursday of that week I had my last monthly visit to the doctor. Frank and I had our usual ultrasound, and we learned that Kyra was two pounds thirteen ounces and Jaiden was three pounds one ounce. The little boogers were both lying in a breech position, with Kyra a little lower than Jaiden. We got a good picture of the top of both of their heads. They were pressed together as if to say, "Two heads are better than one, and right now we're plotting on how to make these last few weeks as interesting for Mommy as possible." One touching discovery we made was that the babies already have hair! On the ultrasounds, hair looks like a crown of white fuzz. By the time delivery rolls around, the twins will have TWA's (teeny-weeny afros)!

At the end of this appointment, the receptionist went ahead and scheduled the remainder of my prenatal appointments, since I moved up to weekly visits. It put such a definitive time frame on the end that I actually got a little nervous at seeing how close we actually were to the twins being born. Still, the prospect of weekly ultrasounds and officially starting "the countdown" was exciting. At that point, there were only nine more weeks to go...

Okay, I actually managed to complete a journal without being long-winded! I am determined not to leave these journals on the backseat (like I did with my lesson plans)!

Much love,
Kym and the twins!

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