Meet Kymberli, a middle-school teacher from Georgia who kept this diary of her first pregnancy -- with twins!

Yes folks, that's right -- my butt hurts. That is my number one complaint at this point. I'm sorry I don't still have morning sickness, I apologize for not having heartburn or constipation or swelling. People at work seem to think that I should be downright miserable by now. I am now the school science project, and just about every teacher keeps tabs on me and the one other pregnant teacher in the school. Of course, the thrill with me is that I am expecting twins, and since the other teacher is a month further than I am, everyone does their scientific duties by comparing me to her. "Well, Barney, you're getting up there, aren't you? Mrs. Weaver isn't as big as you are and she's a full month ahead of you." Ummm, like I didn't know that already. I don't take the time to remind them that I am having twins, and that the combined weights of my babies is more than the weight of her one baby.

The good thing I can say about my "team of scientists" is that their overly observant tendencies haven't missed the fact that the weight I have gained is "all baby", or babies, I guess I should say. So far I have only gained the weight that the doctor has expected me to (knock on wood). The teachers marvel at how big my belly is getting but how small the rest of me is remaining. One particular teacher (who is known to have very little tact), even said to me, "Mrs. Barney, turn around! I can't believe how small your butt stayed!" I stood there dumbfounded and in total disbelief that she actually said that at the top of her voice in the middle of the hallway while the students were changing classes. At once, one of the male students turned around, eyed my butt, and said, "Yeah, Mrs. B, your butt did stay small. My mom's butt got so big when she was pregnant with my little brother that at the end her booty was as big as her stomach!"

Yes, I am happy that my butt has maintained a respectable perkiness, but I don't need anyone other than Frank pointing that out to me.

What people find hardest to believe is that I feel good. No, I can't sprint down the hallway or remain standing for an extended period of time, but I really don't have anything to complain about. Why does this seem to disappoint people? I don't get it. My mindset is that I could be on bed rest, hospitalized for premature labor, or something far worse, so I'm not going to try to complain too much about the nagging pain I have in my hips that tends to radiate and settle in my butt. I used to just tell everyone who asked that I felt fine, but when they started looking for something to be wrong, I always resort to the standard. "My butt hurts," and then I politely smile. The sudden frankness of this response is usually enough to satisfy people.

One thing I am just now adjusting to is just how much my physical tolerance level has decreased. My doctor sure knew what he was talking about when he suggested I start maternity leave around 28 weeks. He told me this at the very beginning of my pregnancy, and even though I had the intention of following his suggestion, I really did not believe that I would be so physically uncomfortable that I would not want to work. He told me to expect to feel full-term for at least the last two months of my pregnancy. Because this is my first pregnancy, I have no basis for comparison, but I now understand exactly what it was he was talking about. After Frank and I take a one-hour shopping trip I am slightly out of breath and my butt hurts like someone kicked me across the country. One time, my butt and my hips were hurting so bad that I actually had to call Frank to help me off of the toilet. Frank and I have always showered together, but on that same night it necessary because I needed the support getting in and out. I was so uncomfortable that I couldn't even support my own weight. He's awesome, and I don't know what I would do without him. He fusses at me if I try to get up to do too much on my own. He cooks, he cleans, he does the laundry, the shopping, and he actually enjoys it. He's also one hell of a butt massager, and I know he really enjoys doing that.

Well readers, I hope you haven't lost your faith in my journals. I have been so busy getting ready for my maternity leave (and resting my butt) that I hardly have time for anything else, including keeping up with my journals. I will be catching up so that I have an entry for every week. Just so you all are kept current with me and my progress, I am currently 29 weeks pregnant, and from here on out I will have weekly appointments, ultrasounds, and fetal monitoring. We had an appointment last week, and the babies are doing great. Kyra is about 2 pounds 13 ounces, and Jaiden is about 3 pounds 1 ounce. Full term for me is considered to be 37 weeks, so in all actuality I only have about eight weeks to go. I am slowly entering an all-new phase of freaking out, but I'll save that for next week. Besides, I have been sitting here for almost five hours typing the entries for week 25 and week 26, and you know what? My butt hurts.

Love to all!

Kym, Kyra, and

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