Meet Kymberli, a middle-school teacher from Georgia who kept this diary of her first pregnancy -- with twins!

Hello friends! Frank and I have had quite a week. It's the week we've been waiting for, for so long. We finally found out what we are having! Before I tell the news, Id like to tell you a little about a dream I had and my past ultrasounds.

I found out that I was pregnant on Halloween, which was on a Monday. The Saturday before, I had a dream that I took a new-fangled home pregnancy test that not only told you whether or not you were pregnant, but it also told you if you were having a boy or a girl. You would get a pink line for a girl, and a blue line for a boy. Well, in the dream I took the test and got a pink line and a blue line. I awoke with my hopes up that maybe I might finally be pregnant. Two days later I found out that I really was pregnant, and one week after that we found out about the twins. So of course, my inclination has been to also think that we are having boy/girl twins.

My introduction journal tells about my first couple of ultrasounds, the first being where they didn't find the baby, and the second a week later when we found out about the two babies. My doctor informed us at that time that I would have an ultrasound at every visit to monitor the twins' growth more closely. I thought, Ha-ha, a perk of having twins! I get to see a glimpse of my babies every month instead of once or twice throughout the whole pregnancy! Frank and I both look forward to my appointments, and it truly is amazing to watch the growth of out kids every month. The grooviest thing about this whole ultrasound thing is that my ultrasound technician, Tanya, has the machine hooked up to a big TV/VCR combo so we can get our ultrasounds recorded. We have one tape that has all of our ultrasounds from weeks five, eight, twelve, and finally week twenty. It is so neat to watch the progress and development of our babies.

Our week five ultrasound was heart-warming and special, even though we couldn't see anything but the gestational sacs. It was so reassuring, because that's when the pregnancy was first confirmed to be a viable pregnancy and it was also when we found out about our dynamic duo.

Week eight was when it really hit home that I was pregnant with living babies. It was when Frank and I saw our munchkins for the first time. Believe it or not, these babies were showing major personality even at that young age, and it was when I first got a little hunch at what sexes they were. Baby A has always been positioned on the lower left side of my uterus, and Baby B has been on the upper right side of my uterus. At the time, they both looked like little peanuts, giving off occasional movements. The funny thing was that Tanya had to spend extra time measuring Baby A because of the way it was positioned. It was deep in the crevice of my uterus, and it looked to me that it was being shy and trying to hide from the scope of the vaginal wand thingy. I automatically thought, "That has to be a girl." Baby B, on the other hand, was in plain view, proudly announcing his presence. Notice I said, his, because I thought only boys are that audacious.

Week twelve was like eye candy for Frank and me, and I got a big hunch at what sexes they were. We saw both babies and all of the major appendages -- arms, legs, big bubbleheads, and even a glimpse of developing toes and fingers. They were both moving around a lot, and Baby B was sucking on his hand. Once again, B was in the middle of things and A was demure as usual. The funniest thing was that they had grown large enough for their sacs to meet. When Tanya started the ultrasound, they both appeared to be sleeping, making little movements here and there. She started with A then moved to B, checking for heart rates and all of that stuff. By the time she went back to Baby B for a second time, it was thumping around kicking its little legs against Baby A's sac. So naturally, when Tanya went back to Baby A, it had been awakened by B's movements and started squirming away from that side of its sac. I thought, Okay, B has to be boy, since it looks like he's picking on Baby A, and A has to be a girl, since she has patience enough to just move away instead of kicking back. From that point on, I started calling Baby B he and Baby A she.

In the four weeks between that appointment and the next, I began feeling movement from the babies. Baby B seemed to be the active one, as I felt thumps from him more than I did from Baby A. I could tell who was who because B is high on the right and A is low on the left. At out week 12 appointment, Frank and I were bummed to hear that we wouldn't be having an ultrasound that day because they were very backed up, and since I was gaining weight well and the babies heart rates sounded excellent we could afford to wait until my week 20 appointment to get our next ultrasound. Listening to the heartbeats was the highlight of that visit. B's heart rate was a little faster than A's, and I said that that made sense because he was so much more active that A. We were assured that at the next appointment we would find out what we were having.

Well, my week 20 appointment was this past Thursday, and it was every bit as exciting as Frank and I hoped it would be. First of all, I had to step on the dreaded scale, but I was pleased to hear that I had only gained four pounds last month. I was a little nervous about that part because I gained eight pounds between weeks twelve and sixteen. So far, I have only gained a total of fourteen pounds, which is right on target for a twin pregnancy. My uterus is already up to my ribcage, which is much bigger than a singleton pregnancy.

Then we moved on to the ultrasound, and as usual, Tanya started off with Baby A. The twins are now so big that she can't get them both on the screen at the same time. Baby A is head-down, with its head just above my pubic bone and her butt pressing up under the left side of my ribcage. Once again, Baby A was shy and hiding from the ultrasound thingy, as it had its belly down and her back up. Tanya couldn't get shots of anything but her heart and her bladder, but she could tell that she looks healthy. Then came one of our big moments -- finding out what Baby A is. Tanya got a good image of Baby As butt, and clear as day, we could see that Baby A is a girl, just like I thought! Frank teared up and I was grinning so hard that my cheeks started hurting.

Now that she was finished checking out our little girl, Tanya moved on to Baby B. Baby B is breech with his head up by the right side of my ribcage, and his legs curl down to the left. Its back lies along the right side of my belly. True to form, Baby B was all out in the middle of things, and Tanya easily got clear shots of all of its vital organs. Then came our other big moment -- finding out what Baby B is. Baby B's butt was in plain sight, and between those legs, for all the world to see, was Baby B's little wee-wee. It's a boy! He was proudly displaying the jewels, offering different shots of his goodies. Tanya said, "There's no doubt that its a boy -- he's well endowed!" Frank sat back and said, with all the satisfaction of a proud father, "That's my boy!"

The next question everyone has for you after you find out the sex is, "Have you thought of any names yet?" Well, yes we have, and as a matter of fact, Frank and I have had names picked out since week five when we found out about the twins. You may have read Minsun's journal about not wanting to reveal the name until after delivery. Well, I just don't have that type of a leash on my blabbermouth, and I've waited so long just to get pregnant that I really don't give a flying flip if someone doesn't like the names we've chosen. So, here are the names of our babies -- our daughter is Kyra Alexander (with Kyra being a combination of Kym and Frank), and our son is Jaiden Khalil.

Oh, my God! Frank and I are having a son and a daughter. It sounds so weird to say son and daughter. It makes everything so much more real. Well, you know what our next mission is -- it's off to the stores for the baby clothes Frank and I have been itching to buy!

Much love to everyone, from Kym, Jaiden, and Kyra!

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