Born At 25 Weeks, Amelia Has Fought All The Odds, And Won

When Sherece went into the hospital with back pain at almost 25 weeks, she was told they would have to deliver her daughter immediately. What ensued was an on going nightmare, with a happy ending.
by Sherece

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Mom's Story
On May l8th, 2003, I was admitted to the hospital due to a back ache. I was then diagnosed with preclampsia. They said they needed to deliver the baby right away. I would not let them until Tuesday the 20th, as that put me at 25 weeks into my pregnancy and I wanted to give the baby every possible chance of survival that I could.

They delivered Amelia on the 20th, 2003, and she weighted one pound 3 oz., she was smaller that a beanie baby bear. She currently is up to 4 lbs. and finally out of the isolet (or her glass castle) and had her first bubble bath last week.

I only hope that nobody else will ever have to go through the continuing nightmare that my family has endured for the last 3 months. They just advised me that I should start preparing her nursery and it's the one of the first positives that I have had to hope for. I'm bringing my baby home probably in the next 2 months and I found Wendy's web page and finally feel free to dream of decorating Amelia's room.

We named her Amelia as May 20th was the day Ameila started her Transatlantic Flight and we knew this would make our Amelia a real fighter. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story. Sherece

What advice would you give to other expectant mothers?
If you have a history of preclampsia or a family history of it, please advise your physician. I had a history and they said it wouldn't happen again, it does and this time it was a lot

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