Paige Was Successful In Vaginally Delivering Her Son Who Was Breech

Paige relates the story of her son's birth, unique in that it was a planned breech vaginal birth!
by Paige

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Paige's story
My son was born 18 months ago. I would like to tell my story because I think it is unique. He was a planned breech vaginal birth.

My pregnancy was uncomplicated. As a veterinary nursing student I was on my feet all day. I even performed my week of large farm animal nursing three and a half weeks before my due date. Upon its completion, a simple walk and fall with the dog had my doctor send me to the hospital for some routine fetal monitoring. Everything seemed fine. Neither of us was damaged except for my pride since I fell off the curb in front of an outdoor cafe in my neighborhood, in a dress no less! The resident at the maternity ward announced that my baby was in the frank breech position and would most likely be delivered by C-section.

This was all a bit of a shock for us. My husband works long hours in film production. As a matter of fact, our due date coincided with his first week of shooting. He would only have a week for paternity leave. My family lives far away and I didn't have extra care in place for the baby or myself. When we mentioned this to our doctor he decided to let us play it by ear. We scheduled the surgery but then decided that an operating room delivery would be something that we would try. We did follow through with external version, a most painful and in our case useless procedure. So we set ourselves up for a breech delivery.

Needless to say, Theo came the evening before his due date. Gravity was not as helpful since he wasn't head first, but after 19.5 hours he came into the world. My doctor had back up and we allowed a group of obstetric residents the privilege of observation. It was a bit tricky; Theo had a large head and was just under the limit for vaginal breech birth at 8 pounds . He was 7 pounds 14 ounces and 21.5" long. He had some minor complications such as a brachial plexus strain and a dysplastic left hip (due to his position in the womb), which required a Pavlic harness for six weeks, but he was fine.

Our experience with the neonatal team and unit was not positive. They actually treated me very poorly but that is another story altogether. Theo is still breastfed and has been a healthy, vibrant boy who has put the ultimate joy into our lives. I was able to take care of him on my own immediately and had no complications from the birth. Since there appear to be so many C-sections, I felt lucky to deliver him without the surgery.

We are now expecting our second child in October. I have already made a pact with my doctor. If for some odd reason the baby is breech we will forego external version and attempt a vaginal

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