Patty's Back Was Almost Born In The Car On The Way To The Hospital

What must it be like to be driving down the freeway at 90 miles per hour and hear your laboring wife exclaim "I want to push!" Patty's husband got a taste of this with their fifth child. This exciting story of a second VBAC is a must-read!
by Patty

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Patty's story
This was my fourth pregnancy and my fifth child. It also was my second VBAC. I had I had had two C-sections with my first child and then also with my twins. And I was again going for a VBAC. I found the recuperating time was much better for a vaginal delivery than for a C-section.

I was 37 weeks and 4 days along and I had gone to the doctor that day. I was checked internally and found to be dilated to a 3 and was almost 50% effaced. But I went home because I was not having any contractions. That night, we went to bed around midnight.

My husband is a sound sleeper and I was lying there and I realized I was contracting some and they were getting a little painful. After about a half an hour, I woke my husband up. We started to time them. At first they were five minutes apart but quickly went from five to three minutes apart.

Mike got up and called my doctor. He said to come on in but that they could be due to being checked that day. I on the other hand was having a hard time getting dressed, as the contractions were getting worse. They were getting closer. I had gone downstairs and we were waiting on our babysitter to arrive and I noticed I was only getting a minute in between contractions to spare. The babysitter finally arrived and I went to the van. I found myself all of a sudden feeling the urge to push! Mike got in the van and we took off. We had a 25-minute drive to the hospital and Ohio was in the middle of a windstorm! Mike was driving on the interstate going 90 miles an hour in winds that were gushing 55 to 60 miles an hour. But I wanted to push and Mike wanted to get me to the hospital. He even dialed 911 on his cell phone to have them alert my doctor that I was a lot further than they knew!

We got to the hospital and they got me up to the obstetrics ward and I was quickly checked and I heard the nurse say, all I feel is a water bag. I was complete and ready to push for them! They got an IV in me quickly and in process the doctor broke my water -- the only thing that held Rachel back from coming in the van when I wanted to push! Well, I pushed for nine minutes and she was born!! We now have a little girl after four boys! We are so

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