Jordan Made His Mama Wait, Almost 2 Weeks

Young mom Trisha, 19, from Indiana waited almost 2 weeks past her due date to deliver her "hungry" little boy.
by Trisha

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Trisha's Story
My pregnancy was so smooth, no mourning sickness, no yucky feelings, just peachy. But when I became a week overdue, the doctor was ready to and induce. I had no problem with that! I went in on a Wendsday and they tried a suppository, which didn't even give me contractions! So, I went home and was told to return the following Tuesday (2 days after Easter) Again, a suppository was inserted and then another.

Finally, I was put on pitocin. They had it, from what I thought, flowing through the IV. I was only 2 cm and having contractions every minute. Finally, another nurse came in and slowed it down. She also called the doctor to come and break my water. After an hour of waiting for the doctor, she checked me and accidentally broke my water; I was at 4 cm. She offered the epideral and I took it.

I was so scared about the needle and had myself all worked up. Really, I didn't feel a thing and 2 minutes later, I was much more comfortable. I was fully dilated and ready to push within a half hour. However, the doctor was not there yet. I pushed anyway, but then had to stop. I guess the nurse didn't feel like delivering that day.

Once he got there, he told me to go ahead and push. I did, and before the doctor had his gloves on, Jordan's head was out. I guess he was wiggling his little eyebrows. He weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces. As soon as they had him cleaned off, he was ready to feed. No problem latching on with this little guy!

I was in "labor" for a little less than 9 hours, and only pushed for 16 minutes. We tried to get it all on video tape that we had placed in the window, but when we got home to watch it, one of the nurses had walked infront of the camara right when his head popped out and stayed there until he was all the way out.

What advice would you give to other expectant mothers?
I wish I would have known that epidurals aren't nearly as scary as everyone makes them out to be. It didn't hurt when I received it, and it gave me great relief!

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