Physical, Emotional &Amp; Sexual Needs - Goals

You have spent nine months preparing for your baby's birth. You have probably read every book, article, and website to make sure you were eating right, exercising at the appropriate level, and taking the necessary vitamins and supplements. Your preparation has paid off!
Goals: Diet, Nutrition & Exercise | Physical, Emotional & Sexual Needs

Physical, Emotional & Sexual Needs - Goals

Physical Exam
Don't be embarrassed to discuss with your doctor, nurse or midwife all aspects of your physical health, including important conditions that may result from delivery.

GOAL: Thorough post-delivery health exam
Talk to your caregiver about:

  • Breast condition
  • Constipation
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Incontinence
  • Healing below the birth canal
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Varicose veins

    Emotional Adjustment
    Inform your doctor or nurse if you have been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, sad, isolated, nervous, incompetent, or exhausted.

    GOAL: Good health and well-being

  • Take time for yourself
  • Get enough rest
  • Call on family and friends for help when needed to reduce stress
  • Consider joining a mothers' or postpartum support group
  • Ask your doctor or nurse about:
  • Mood swings or "baby blues"
  • Symptoms of post-delivery depression
  • Strategies for preventing depression
  • Planning for hormonal shifts during weaning or when starting your period again

    Sexuality & Contraception
    A lack of sexual desire is very common in the post-delivery period and normal during the first couple of months after giving birth. Every woman has her own timetable. Discuss your readiness to start having sex again with your partner.

    Return to fertility is unpredictable and may return before the onset of regular menstrual cycles, even in breastfeeding women. Discuss family planning and the health benefits and risks of all appropriate contraceptive options with your doctor or nurse.

    GOAL: Healthy sexuality

  • Keep an open dialogue with your partner about your readiness for making love
  • Make time for cuddling and kissing to re-establish physical closeness
  • Ask your doctor or nurse about:
  • Resuming sexual intercourse
  • Minimizing discomfort
  • Effects of breastfeeding or hormones on sexual desire

    GOAL: Post-delivery contraception

  • Consider whether or not you'd like to have more children.
  • Ask your caregiver about contraceptive options and the use of birth control prior to resuming sexual

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