Looking Like She Would Go Over, Rachel Had Her Membranes Stripped

Rachel's doctor assured her that she would most likely go past her due date, which was not what Rachel wanted to hear! She was pleasantly surprised when only a couple days later, she started feeling contractions.
by Rachel

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Mom's story
It all began on November 18th. I had just had a physical check up with my doctor. It was only my second one. My doctor had told me that I was only dilated 1 cm and that I probably would go overdue. To get me close to my due date she decided to strip my membranes.

I got very depressed and cried because I was ready for that baby to be here! My husband of course consoled me and tried to make me feel better. Later on that night I lost my mucus plug which means labor in a matter of days. I called my doctor's office and they told me they'd probably see me in labor that weekend. So sure enough I started having contractions the next evening.

They had started coming frequently. Every twelve minutes at first. I still wasn't sure that I was actually in real labor. I kept thinking about what my doctor had said, "You most likely will go over your due date." My husband and I read that evening about signs of true labor and called a friend that just had a baby. One of the signs was a sudden burst of energy and sure enough I was running around the house like a mad woman.

My contractions had jumped from twelve minutes apart to nine minutes apart by this time. We received a phone call from one of my husband's friends. His friend was stuck in the mud and wanted my husband to pull him out, so here I was in true labor in the middle of a field pulling a friend out of the mud. While we were out there, my contractions went from nine minutes to five minutes then all of a sudden they jumped to 3 minutes apart. I couldn't believe it!

I knew then I was in labor and my doctor had told me to go to the hospital when they were five minutes apart. Well they were only at five minutes apart for five minutes! Meanwhile, my husband is trying to pull his friend out of the mud. I'm yelling at him, "Honey, it's time." All his friends drop everything and tell him to get me to the hospital.

We start to take off and I was getting nervous and excited at this point. We go home and get our good vehicle and drive to the hospital which is thirty minutes away. My poor husband, he grew up here and knows all the roads so well but not that night. It was raining so the roads were slick, he almost ran us off the road. Then he missed a turn so we had to go the long way around and he almost ran a red light! It's hilarious now when we look back on it.

Meanwhile, while he's trying to get us to the hospital, I'm having contractions that keep getting stronger, but they stayed at three minutes apart, plus writing the contractions down to keep track, holding his hand (I'm not sure if that was for me or him!), and helping him to find the way to the hospital!

We finally arrive and I get admitted but unfortunately I was only dilated 2 cm and they wouldn't put me in a room yet. They (nurses) said for me to walk around for an hour or until my water broke. My husband and I leave, and I have the urge to go to the bathroom. When I go I realize my underwear was damp. We told the nurses and they checked the dampness for it to be my water breaking. Sure enough it was so I got to get a room.

When I got examined in the room they found that my water had broke at the top so it was barely leaking a little at a time. A nurse came in and broke my water. Wow... the real pain finally set in. Before that, I was thinking "Oh, I can handle this, who needs an epidural for this much pain." Well, I soon learned that the pain is definitely worth that epidural, but I was to scared to get it.

I got started on pitocin just when I thought it couldn't get any worse. I tried everything to keep from getting drugs. I did my breathing, I shook my head. My husband tried massaging me. Nothing worked and my husband was begging me to get something so he wouldn't have to see me in that much pain. I finally agreed to Demerol.

I finally thought "Ok, now maybe I can get some rest." Ha ha! I thought wrong, so my husband finally talked me in to the epidural. Once I got that I was in heaven! I fell right to sleep. The first time the nurse checked me after the epidural, I was fully dilated and ready to push. My husband heard the nurse and woke up from a deep sleep and couldn't believe the time was finally here to meet our new baby girl.

We started doing our practice pushes and waited for my doctor to show up. When she did, I finally got to start pushing for real and it felt so great. I pushed for an hour than our little Amay was there in our arms, completing our dreams of that day.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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