Will The Turning Be Successful Or Will Andrew Come By C-Setion

After complications of pregnancy and an induction date was set, this mom from Florida was faced with another difficult decision. Her baby had turned breech - Will she have the doctors try manually turning the baby or schedule a cesarean birth? Read on to find out!
by Mom

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Mom's story
My pregnancy was a very normal and uneventful one until I went into my ninth month. I was suddenly getting very sick with headaches and shortness of breath. I was then diagnosed with pre-eclampsia -- a condition where you blood pressure goes up and down a lot, sometimes very erratically.

I was eventually put on full bed-rest in hopes that it would stay down. It didn't. So, the doctor elected to induce my labor two weeks early. A week before they were to schedule it, I found out that he had turned breach and had stubbornly refused to turn back. They gave us two options -- either they manually turn him, which entails turning the baby with the doctors hands on your stomach twisting, or, schedule a cesarean. I wanted to have him naturally if possible, so I opted to have him turned and then induced.

I had no idea that it would be as painful as it was, but they did it in three turns, the shortest amount of work that my doctor had ever seen. The next day they began to induce, but I wouldn't dilate. By the third day, the doctor informed us that if I hadn't advanced beyond my 1 cm status by afternoon, that she would have to schedule the cesarean.

Afternoon came and still, I was 1 cm. When the doctor returned, she was in the process of preparing the orders for the cesarean, when she decided to check one more time. I had suddenly gone up to 3 cm! That was at 2 pm. They gave me an epidural and by 8 pm, I was ready to push. At 8:48 pm, our son, Andrew, was born! He was 8 pounds 6 ounces. I was thrilled that I was able to have him vaginally. I would encourage every mom facing a tough delivery to hang in there -- it's more than worth it.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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