Great Response To A VBAC When Originally Unsure

Machelle from Pittsburgh wasn't 100% sure she wanted to try VBAC, but now she's glad she did: "I reached down and felt the baby crowning, something I had always wanted to do, another push and?" Read on to find out what happens next!
by Machelle

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Machelle's story
When I became pregnant for the second time, I was of course overjoyed, but also a little worried. My first daughter, Steffi, was a fairly easy pregnancy, but a tough birth. I was worried that I would have to have another C-section. Which I did not want! With Steffi I was induced and ended up having 23 hours of labor and a C-section. The labor was terribly painful, and the recuperation from the C-section almost worse. Steffi was 9 lbs. 1 ozs. with a huge head and a head full of black hair. (Which is now brown) The reasons for the C-section were multiple, labor did not progress, her head never engaged: she was a large baby with a big square head.

Initially I did not want to go through another tough labor and end up having a C-section again. I wanted to plan a C-section and avoid the labor. I went back and forth between wanting to try VBAC and wanting to just skip it and have the section. Towards the end I was anxious to be done, and scheduled the section for the Wednesday after my due date, April 7th. On Monday the 5th at my doc's visit I changed my mind again and said I would wait a couple more days, since the 7th was only a few days after my due date.

I was glad I did. As I was leaving the doc's office I started having pains, but I wasn't sure if it was labor. It was so different from the first time. I kept saying to my husband, my butt hurts, is this labor? Of course he had no idea either. Well we had picked up Chinese food and rented Titanic and I figured that if my butt still hurt regularly after that long movie I would call the doctor. Well I didn't go a half hour into the movie before I knew this was real, regardless of where the pain was, this was pain. So off we went, dropped off the two year old, called the grandparents and we were on our way.

At the hospital I was checked in, signed up and sent to one of the nice new labor and delivery suites. I got a shower, walked around, and practiced breathing with my mom. (My husband and dad were there, but, mom understood my pain, and I don't think I could have made it without her coaching and back rubbing. Thanks Mom!) I was very glad to be able to walk, with the first baby I was in bed for hours hooked up to what seemed like everything in the world, blood pressure, fetal monitor, pitocin drip, catheter, then a wire on the baby's head. I would tell the nurse I had to go to the bathroom just so she would come in and unhook me so that I could walk around.

So anyway, I had an epidural, slept for about two hours, pushed for about a minute, and nobody was more amazed than me when the nurse came running over with a blanket, I actually asked her what the blanket was for. She looked at me like I as crazy and said the baby of course. I don't think I had really thought I could do it, but I did!

I reached down and felt the baby crowning, something I had always wanted to do, another push and out she came! Beautiful baby girl: Sophia! I am so glad I decided not to have the planned C-section. I do believe that if I had not been induced and had had better pain management, I could have had my first daughter vaginally also. Vaginal birth after C-section, it can be done. I had 10 lbs. and 2 ozs of proof! Now I want a boy, is there a class for that?

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