After an high-intervention hospital delivery of her firstborn, Amanda in Wisconsin decided her second birth would be different. Read about her homebirth experience here!
by Amanda

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Amanda's story
Noah came into this world July 2nd, 1999. He was the best gift! My first child (Hailey 3 years) was born in a hospital. I had toxemia and lots of drugs; it wasn't the best experience. I didn't even bond with her for a few weeks; I couldn't even feel her come out of me. They took her from me and didn't bring her back for hours. I never wanted an experience like that again. This time right from the start, it was our birth -- we were in control. I had a wonderful midwife and planned to have my baby at home. I woke in the night to light contractions, I knew this was it! I took a few showers and slept mostly until morning, when I couldn't relax anymore.

My mother and sister came to help out for the birth and keep an eye on our daughter, who was present for the birth. I walked around the house and worked through my pains with the help of my wonderful husband. My mother and sister were getting the pool ready and filling it with hot water, I wasn't sure I wanted to give birth in the pool but I thought it might help with the contractions. I was in and out of the pool all day.

When I was around 7 centimeters I told everyone I couldn't do this, it hurt too bad (I really thought I couldn't). I got back into the pool and my water broke, I felt right away the need to push. I thought, "Yes I can do this, this is what I want!" Suddenly the pool burst and flooded our bedroom - out the hall and our laundry room - it soaked all the midwife's equipment. They got me out of there and brought me to the living room, where I continued to push for about an hour. I got up to go pee and when I made it to the bathroom I felt an incredible urge to push, my husband yelled for the midwife. She came in and said his butt was coming out, and that we might want to call 911 just in case.

My mom did, I was pushing him out, but his head wouldn't budge. Finally it came out and he didn't look like he was breathing, they gave him oxygen and what seemed to be forever, but was only a second or two, he started to cry. The most wonderful cry I have ever heard. We didn't need the ambulance, thank God. He is truly a gift, our little miracle! Noah weighed 7 pounds, 4

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