After Waiting 11 Years, Baby Number 2 Was Finally Here

It took eleven years, but Shell finally became pregnant with her second baby. Having had a forceps delivery in the hospital her first time around, Shell opted for a home birth this time. Read on to learn more!
by Shell

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Shell's story
After eleven years of trying for another baby, I was finally pregnant! Our first child was born in a traditional hospital and I was drugged with Demerol. It was a forceps delivery, which may have saved her life, but I wanted to try another way this time. We made the decision to have a home birth. The midwife was sceptical due to my age (35), my husband's family history of heart disease, as well as my Rh factor blood problem. We agreed to follow each and every rule set down for us to have a healthy home birth. Kelly was due on July 6, l995, and at 4 am on that day, my water broke. I was able to sleep another few hours, until mild labor kicked in and kept up until about 3 pm, when we needed to call the midwife. My mother was with us, as she had been for our first baby. The midwife told us to wait until a bit later, as contractions were not strong and steady. Then they stopped altogether.

We took a long walk, which helped to start things again, and start they did! By 6 pm, I was in pretty active labor and the midwife arrived. All progressed normally and by 11pm, I wanted this baby out, now! I had already decided on having the baby bending over the bed or on all fours, but tried other positions for awhile, none of which worked. Finally, at midnight, I assumed my over the bed position and went to serious work. At 12:30 am on July 17, 1995, Kelly Ren? made her entrance, flying into her daddy's arms.

The placenta took a bit longer to come out, but it was healthy and we finally had our second child. Daddy got to do the cutting ceremony and Kelly's older sister Sam got to dress her the first time. My mother saved my sanity by doing the night shifts for two days, and we were so blessed! I definitely suggest a home birth for those couples who want to and are able. What a joy to experience labor and childbirth as it was intended and to get to make all the decisions for my care.

Unfortunately, my husband, Bob, has since died of the heart disease that is so prominent in his family. My girls are healthy and I am a blessed


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