This Induction Started Off Slow, But Baby Came Quick

Lisa was 12 days past her due date when her doctor suggested an induction. The prostaglandin gel got things started. Things were slow at first, but once things started moving along, she had a very quick, unmedicated deli
by Lisa

Lisa was 12 days past her due date when her doctor suggested an induction. The prostaglandin gel got things started. Things were slow at first, but once things started moving along, she had a very quick, unmedicated delivery. Find out all the details of her joyous experience below!
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Lisa's story
It was June 8, 1997 and I was 12 days late, very anxious and very swollen. The doctor was to induce me tomorrow. I had to go to the hospital for an appointment for an injection of prostaglandin gel that afternoon (1:00pm). It was supposed to ripen my cervix in preparation for pitocin the next day. My mother drove me in for the injection and immediately I started having contractions. They were about 2 minutes apart but were only obvious on the monitor... in other words, I wasn't feeling anything. My husband was in New Jersey getting our house ready and starting his new job. He was coming up to Pennsylvania late that night to be on time for the morning induction.

The hospital sent me home about half an hour after the prostaglandin injection and instructed me to come back around 6pm that night for one more. They informed me that the contractions were probably false and had only begun because of the gel. They said that as soon as the gel leaked out, the contractions would stop. I didn't really care either way, it's not as if I felt them anyway. My mother and I decided to go to the mall to get me an outfit to come home in. In the mall, I was feeling throbby but still no contractions. The walking was doing me good and plus if I stopped, my sciatic was burning uncontrollably.

After the mall, I went home to rest a little, I did have a really big day tomorrow! At around 6p.m., I was ready and in the car for the next gel injection. On the way to the hospital, I begun feeling slight menstrual crampy contractions about every 2 minutes. We arrived at the hospital at around 6:30 and was on the monitors for about a half hour. My contractions were steady at about 2 minutes apart but were still barely there pain-wise. They sent me home!!! They said that the contractions were gel induced and would stop after the gel leaked out. Needless to say, they didn't inject me with anymore prostaglandin. Me and my mother were shocked that they were sending me home with contractions at 2 minutes apart. They said it was pointless to sit in the hospital considering I was only about 2-1/2 centimeters dilated. They said for me to come back when I could no longer talk through a contraction. They were convinced that the contractions would stop and that they would see me in the morning to start the pitocin. It's about a fifteen minute drive home and we left the hospital at about 7:15pm.

By the time we arrived home, I could definitely not talk through the contractions. They were now about 90 seconds apart and about 90 seconds long! We called the hospital and they suggested that we come on back! It didn't take a genius to figure that out!!! We immediately called my husband and he left at about 7:45pm. It was about a two hour ride, and this was my first child so we figured he would have plenty of time. We arrived BACK at the hospital at about 8:15 and the belly band went on, as well as the monitors. I was still only about 4 centimeters, so they figured on a long night. I was very uncomfortable but an epidural couldn't be given until after I reached 5 centimeters.

At the hospital were I delivered, they had this large Jacuzzi tub called the "Bather 2001". I decided that that would be a great way to relax until "epidural time." I stayed in there about 45 minutes and it was now about 9:15pm I got out of the tub like a raving lunatic! I now realize that I was so crazy because I was in transition! The nurses were trying so hard to attach the belly band and the monitors but had no luck. I was ripping everything right off. They doctor rechecked my cervix and I had reached the long awaited 10 centimeters... this meant that it was now too late for the epidural! WHAAAA!

My water had never broken, so now the doctor had to fight with my thrashing legs to try and break my waters. I had asked the nurse to set up a mirror so I could watch the baby be born (I am so glad I remembered!). Because they did not anticipate me progressing so quickly, the bed had not been broken down and no stirrups were up. The nurse held one leg and my mom held the other. Unfortunately, my husband wasn't here yet. It had now only been about an hour and a half since I'd left my house.

As soon as my water broke, the baby crowned! With one push, her head was out even further along with a little urine which burned like crazy! One more push and her head was out. I watched the whole thing in the mirror and it was incredible. The doctor instructed me not to push and removed the cord from around the baby's neck (I was still unsure of the sex, we never found out). At 9:40 and one more push and we had a beautiful 8 pound 1 ounce baby girl. My mother cut the cord and we cried!!!

As much as I missed my husband, I really enjoyed sharing this experience with my mom. She and my daughter, Brielle Lorraine (my mother's name is Lorraine) will have a special bond that could never be broken! Needless to say, my husband was disappointed about missing the delivery, but relieved at the same time because he was so nervous. My delivery could not have been a better experience. Even with Brielle being 8 pounds, I had no episiotomy and no tearing. I went home stitch-free! As much as I wanted the epidural then, I am so glad now that I didn't get it. The natural high after giving birth is indescribable. I was nursing, calling people to spread the word, and delivering the placenta all at the same time! I could feel no pain! My labor and delivery only totaled less than four hours.

My husband says that were camping out at the hospital for the #2, he is so afraid that the delivery will go quicker with the second child and that he'll end up playing doctor! If it had been any longer, I probably would have had the epidural, but I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go without it. As for all mothers, it will be an experience that I will never forget!

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