Betsy Bailey Lumbering around Ohmygoodness... suddenly overnight I have gotten HUGE. Earlier this week I had a specific maternity dress in mind...
Betsy Bailey

Lumbering around
Ohmygoodness... suddenly overnight I have gotten HUGE. Earlier this week I had a specific maternity dress in mind to wear to a meeting. I am glad I had the foresight to try it on the night before, because it had been early December since I last wore it. OH NO... it barely fits! Buttons were straining. Luckily I have plenty of other stuff to pick from, but eek... somehow when I blinked I crossed that line from looking/feeling/being cutely pregnant to more whale-like.

On Monday, I had my 34 week checkup and everything is looking good. From the way this baby is moving up so high into my ribs and the way those buttons were straining, I knew I'd had a major growth spurt in the past couple of weeks, but had no idea just how much. My scales weren't showing a big difference in my weight at all, but according to the scales at the midwives, I've gained 10 lbs in the last four weeks! That is a typical pattern for me in pregnancy... I seem to put it ALL on right near the end.

The placenta tells the story...
I had a tiny little scare, too. Before the appointment, Tony and I went out to dinner at a Japanese steakhouse. It was a total pig-out, including (but not limited, too ;-) a huge, huge portion of fried rice and then pinapple sherbet for dessert. When I got to the appt about an hour later, I tested my urine right when I first got there and it was showing that I spilled some sugar. ACK!

I was pretty freaked, because I don't think that has ever happened before. Nina was very calm and asked what I had for dinner and how recently it was. When I told her, she said more than likely all that simple sugar (and rice is an especially notorious offender) was the culprit. Right after that we had a 2.5 hour childbirth class and she told me to test again before I left for peace of mind. I did, and it was perfect :-).

During our childbirth education refresher class, which started that same night, we talked about placentas and how they vary. Nina commented that nutrition obviously makes a big impact on the quality and look of the placenta... the placenta tells the tale of the mom's pregnancy eating habits. Oh, no!

Anyway, everything else is also on track. The baby is still pretty high, but seems to be firmly LOA, which I love to hear! I know it got around breech one night a couple of weeks ago, but thankfully that didn't last because it was quite uncomfortable, bordering on painful.

Lately I've been giving thought to using water for pain relief in labor. My original plan was to rely pretty heavily on the deep garden tub we have in our master bathroom. But you know what? The bigger I get, the smaller that tub gets. It's not even comfortable for me to bathe in right now; I don't see it being any better during labor.

So recently I've been contemplating renting a birth tub. I don't know if I would actually give birth in it. I don't think I'll know exactly where I'll be or what position I'll want to assume for the birth until that time actually arrives. But the closer my due date gets (and the more the reality that this is going to hurt sinks in), the more I'm certain I at least want a warm deep tub of water for pain relief to be available.

So I discussed all of this with Nina at my appointment and as it turns out, they have a portable jacuzzi-style tub available from now until well past my due date (has jets and its own heater) :-D. We ended up bringing it home last night, but have not gotten it set up yet. I'd love to set it up ASAP so I can use it for relaxation between now and birth, but it would need chemicals to maintain the water that long and we can't have chemicals in the tub during the labor/birth. So. It probably won't get set up until much closer to the big day. Still not sure on the location I want for it anyway.

Oh, I got my birth kit last night, too, with all of the supplies (chux, pads, gloves, umbilical clamps, etc. etc.) that the midwives will be needing. Now all I really need to do in preparation is sanitize the old linens and washclothes that we'll need and pack a just-in-case bag for the hospital. I just can't believe how close this is all getting!


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