Betsy Bailey Feeling good -- surprisingly so Wow, I didn't realize how much I overdid it during December until this week. I...
Betsy Bailey

Feeling good -- surprisingly so
Wow, I didn't realize how much I overdid it during December until this week. I have felt like complete hell for most of the past month and had been getting concerned that it would be all downhill from there. But, once I resumed my more sedentary work lifestyle, rather than my running-around-and-trying-to-cram-too-much-into-every-day holiday one, I felt tremendously better. For the past couple weeks, I have not been as miserable with late pregnancy as I expected to be. Though I suppose that will be changing very soon! It is getting very crowded in there; we're moving into that fascinating stage when my belly looks like it has a life of its own when baby starts romping around.

In any case, I'm sure you can expect whiney posts regarding my misery in the very near future... but for now, I'm feeling pretty great! In fact, I've noticed that some symptoms don't seem as pronounced as they once did. Either they're not as bad, or I'm just used to it. For example, the extreme pubic pain I was having seems to be markedly less than before. That makes getting up and down and walking around much easier and more comfortable. I confess that getting into comfortable positions remains pretty challenging, but compared to the pain I was in a couple off weeks ago, this is a definite improvement.

Another busy month
Unlike last month which had me crazed with holiday madness, a lot of the things keeping us busy this month are baby-related. We have two midwife appointments this month, one of them being the home visit, when my midwives will help me make a belly cast. And starting Monday, we have three weeks of childbirth education classes. The course actually runs six weeks, but this is a refresher. I was going to skip it completely (because it's from 7-9:30 pm on Monday nights, an hour away in the big city... yech), but it is 100% devoted to childbirth at home and one of the classes teaches dad about catching the baby and emergency childbirth.

Even without that, I think these classes will still be valuable to Tony who, unlike me, isn't ever exposed to other people who plan to have home births. All the couples in this class are planning a home birth, obviously, so this will be good for him, I think. Plus, it will be a date night kind of thing for us... for three nights we will get to focus on just the two of us and the next baby rather than the raucous bedtime routines of our first borns :-).

After that series is over, then we start going to the midwives every week! I still can't believe *next month* (or perhaps the month after, if I'm not lucky) I'm going to have another baby! Some people just have a hard time grasping this concept until the baby is in their arms. I'm one of those people... and I've already had two babies!

Nesting mania
Well, despite my attempts to hold off until February, I ended up washing ALL of the layette stuff last week. Tony bought baby detergent home from the grocery and I just could not resist. It was fun, too :-D. I folded and stacked and got it all organized on the changing table. I've covered everything with receiving blankets to protect them from dust. I think it will be okay.

And that's not the worst of my nesting frenzy. I also cleaned out more cupboards and drawers in our kitchen and utility room and bathrooms. What is UP with me?! These things had been building up to that state of chaos for years, but suddenly I feel like it is imperative to get everything organized right now. I also had a shopping spree buying all those little necessities like nursing pads, digital thermometer, baby toiletries, newborn diapers, etc. I'm starting to feel more ready in every way!


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