Betsy Bailey Let-down I mean the milk-ejection reflex kind of let-down, not the disappointment kind :-). This is a totally new one...
Betsy Bailey

I mean the milk-ejection reflex kind of let-down, not the disappointment kind :-). This is a totally new one on me as far as pregnancy symptoms go and I thought I'd practically heard it all! For the past week or so, I have been having let-down exactly like I do when I'm nursing a baby, several times per day.

Of course, there's not real milk and (thank goodness) I'm not spraying profusely or anything, but the colostrum does leak out very predictably when I feel that tell-tale tingling. I was hoping not to have that this time. It's so messy having such a strong let-down reflex (better add breast pads to the dwindling list of things still to get). Anyway, I'm assuming this is a no big deal kind of thing, I just thought it was wild! It's funny how when I feel the tingling begins, I have to strongly resist the urge to press on them with my forearms. Old habits die hard!

Prenatal details
I had my 30 week midwife appointment the other day. All is well... I'm only measuring 28 cm, but they weren't concerned about that (This kind of bothers me a little, even though I know it shouldn't, but I've never measured less than the week I am before, with any pregnancy. Okay, I'm wrong. To verify that statement, I just checked the pregnancy journal I kept with Bailey and I see that I had similar fluctuations around this same part of pregnancy.) Anyway, Nina said it's probably because I'm carrying so much of the baby inside, which I guess makes sense... after all it's probably roomier in there this time, with more accommodating organs, etc, and it would certainly explain why I'm up to two Zantac per day for heartburn and my ribs are aching already.

Baby is head down and will hopefully just stay that way from now on :-). I also scheduled the rest of my appointments while I was there. My next visit is in a month and we'll be purchasing the birth kit supplies then. Two weeks after that appointment is my home visit and they planned some extra time to be here to help me with the belly mask. I had thought Kelley had done some before, but I guess I misunderstood. Apparently I'm the first non-Internet person they know who is doing this, so they were pretty excited about it :-). If it goes well (which I imagine it should), they are thinking about incorporating it into their childbirth ed classes.

The week after that, it will be FEBRUARY and I will start having weekly appointments. Wow! I just cannot believe it. This is going ohsofast.

Holiday craziness
Things are actually calming down a tiny bit around here. This past week was a crazy one... we had gatherings or meetings on nearly every single day. For a homebody like me, there really isn't anything more exhausting, even though we did have a lot of fun.

We have purchased the very last of the gifts we needed to get, everything is wrapped. This is a huge milestone, because the one person I was having trouble buying for was my mother-in-law, who helps us out so much by coming to our house every weekday to help with the kids and household stuff. I really wanted to get her something special. And I did! Now I'm dying to give it to her and struggling to hold out for another week.

I've also gotten caught up on some big projects at work. Maybe I'll even get Christmas cards out to family and friends after all. No pressure on myself, but it's looking like it may be possible. What will I have to stress out about next week?! :-D Actually, I'm already starting to feel some tension thinking about personal and business tax preparation and the hundred other bits of miscellany I'd like to have accomplished before the baby comes. And I have some major work projects lined up for January. My company just hired another web designer a couple of weeks ago, so I have a feeling I will be doing a lot more delegating whenever possible to get these projects as done as possible before my three month maternity leave starts!

I'm just hoping that it will be a real maternity leave. I work from home and they know how to contact me and it's going to be VERY hard for me to let go completely of incomplete projects (and there will always be incomplete projects). Eek! I think too much about what the future holds. Obviously I'm just going to have to let go for now and play it by ear when the time


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