Betsy Bailey Hypoglycemia Baby is very active and feelable these days. I am becoming very well-acquainted with this one foot that constantly...
Betsy Bailey

Baby is very active and feelable these days. I am becoming very well-acquainted with this one foot that constantly prods my right side. :-) Baby's increasing size and strength is causing some hypoglycemic episodes, though. I'm getting to the point - much like in the first trimester - where I have to eat immediately upon rising and not let my stomach get empty or I'll feel dizzy and out-of-sorts. One day this week I made the mistake of showering before I had eaten any breakfast and I passed out momentarily when I got out of the shower. I need to be more careful. That short episode made me feel terrible for the rest of the day.

Also like the first trimester, I can feel fatigue encroaching again. For the past couple of weeks my bedtime has been creeping to an earlier hour and I've been craving midafternoon naps again. I'm so glad that the holidays will be a distraction to me through the next month, but I'm afraid January and February are going to drag on interminably and I am going to be SO ready to have this baby. Yech. I need to keep telling myself to enjoy this and revel in this miracle, because it is most certainly my last pregnancy. It has to be. I don't think I could do this again!

I need to pace myself
Our Thanksgiving was pretty low-key this year, which is just the way I like it. Christmas will be completely the opposite. It's going to be at my mom's very small house and they are expecting 22 people. It stresses me out just thinking about it! Anyway, we spent the afternoon at Tony's parents and my mom and her husband were also invited. My siblings and their families live out-of-town and are coming for Christmas, so this was a very manageable group size.

The real craziness began on the Friday after Thanksgiving! We are so booked up with work and social events between now and Christmas that we decided we'd better make as many preparations NOW as we possibly can. Or run the risk of no preparations at all. So we spent the busiest shopping day of the year running around town buying Christmas cards, decorations, craft supplies, baking ingredients, wrapping paper and even the tree! It was nuts. I can't believe how well my kids held up throughout it all. I can't believe how well I held up. I was hurting though. My hips and pelvis were less than thrilled with all that standing in line we did.

Once we got home, we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening getting the tree up and decorated, baking 10 dozen cookies (oatmeal and chocolate chip), plus we made new cinnamon-applesauce ornaments... both for our tree and to give away as small gifts. It feels good to have so much of this done and it was a truly magical day. Now that the girls are getting older, they are so much fun this time of year. :-) We still have lots to do. All of the gifts need to be wrapped and I haven't started Christmas cards yet. But at least I have the shopping done, thanks to the Internet! This is the first year I've ever gotten all of my shopping done more than a week before the big day.

I've previously shared in this space details about the wild intensity of Hannah Mac, my 2.5 year old. She is incredibly hard to get along with lately... getting each article of clothing on her is a battle of wills and she will persist in engaging us in this battle no matter how resolved we are to not make it a battle. And we go through the same thing every single day without fail. She wears me out - physically and mentally - but overall I delight in her precociousness.

Lately I've noticed the funniest thing. Whenever I am out with her and people notice my pregnancy, I get a lot of pitying looks. On our post-Thanksgiving shopping trip, I caught one woman watching HM's antics (mostly verbal in this case... she is a nonstop chatterbox) with amazement/amusement. Then she looked at my stomach and her eyes, quite literally, widened in shock. When I smiled at her, she smiled a little and shook her head with a "better you than me" kind of look. Obviously the general public thinks I'm completely insane or stupid or both. That's okay... I may well be, but I'm also very happy. :-)


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