Betsy BaileyFinding out We are getting to that point of pregnancy where many people I know start having ultrasounds done to...
Betsy Bailey

Finding out
We are getting to that point of pregnancy where many people I know start having ultrasounds done to find out what they are having. I think I might be in a very small minority of women who don't find out their baby's gender this early. It's kind of neat not knowing! A part of me does wants to know. I'm the sort of person who sometimes flips to the last page of a particularly suspenseful book! But I'm not curious about gender for any emotional reason and the suspense is such a lot of fun. Plus it drives my family crazy that we won't find out and that's even more fun!

I don't feel like I need to be prepared to accept a certain gender and I'm not overly worried about the clothing issue.

Nursery stuff I used for the girls is pretty gender neutral... in fact, their room is partly painted in a soft blue. But then, I'm not even planning a nursery for this babe. Hannah Mac slept in our room for her first 11 months, and I don't expect anything to be different this time (but I'm flexible :-). My philosophy is whatever sleeping arrangement gets everyone (especially me and the baby) the most sleep possible is the one that we will rely on.

But I digress!

I would really like to have a boy, and this is my last chance, but I'm okay with not knowing for sure (and totally okay with another girl, too!). Tony has his heart set on a boy, but is adamant about not finding out. We share the rationale is that no matter what gender this baby is, we will deal best with the knowledge once the baby is actually here. We figure we could spend five months "getting used" to one gender or the other, or just not know and get used to it immediately when s/he arrives. I've found that when the baby is placed on my belly, or wherever, for the first time... it's a baby, and it's our baby and it's like we never even cared about the gender in the first place!

Now, if there was another ultrasound on the agenda for us, we would be weak. We had an ultrasound at 39 weeks with Hannah Mac because she was small for dates and we caved at that appointment. So after all that time, we learned she was a girl exactly one week before she was born. Can you believe that? We have no willpower, really. It's easy not to find out when you are not planning any ultrasounds!

It would be weird to change a boy's diaper after having two girls. By the time this baby comes, I'll have been cleaning these tidy little diaper areas for nearly four years, and then all of a sudden there might be stuff there! How strange. :-)

We have names picked out. Do you want to know? Ha! I'm not telling.

We might still change our minds anyway, especially once we actually see the baby.

Dearth of misery
Ahhhh, I love food again. How much I missed it. I was in a frenzy of cooking this weekend, after a very long drought. I realized that it's been a couple weeks now since I've felt any nausea at all! I am truly living the second trimester honeymoon. No major discomforts to speak of.

Well, except for a really itchy nipple I had for a few days this past week. That was rather agonizing, but apparently a perfectly normal -- albeit not often talked about -- symptom of pregnancy. But that's gone now, I'm happy to report.

Aside from that I've only had some occasional heartburn and that is nothing like I know will come to pass as the baby gets bigger. No aching pubic bone yet. No hip pain. No more going to bed at 7:30 pm... I'm good until 11 pm again most nights. Most of the food aversions I suffered just a few weeks ago seem to have abated. I have a Good Attitude about life again. Since I've started drinking more fluid in one day than I ever believed humanly possible, all those nasty headaches and Braxton Hicks have disappeared. Now, my hair is becoming completely unruly and all that extra fluid has me stumbling to the potty at 3 am still. But I can live with this stuff. Overall, I'm in good shape!

The downside to being pregnant for the third time is I know how short-lived this stage is. And I have started to angst over some postpartum stuff that I cannot do anything about... like what will I do if this baby is colicky? Neither of the girls were, so has my luck run out? Ack! I'm trying to calm down about this kind of stuff (after all, I don't want to make the baby colicky with all this self-fulfilling prophecy stuff. Can s/he read my mind in there?), because the bottom line is that there's nothing I can do about it now and prior experience has taught me that I will slog through in a sleep-deprived state whatever the circumstances and all too soon I'll be bemoaning how quickly my baby grew


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