Betsy BaileyWorry I had a frightful day on Saturday. For the past week or so, I've been having intermittent Braxton Hicks,...
Betsy Bailey

I had a frightful day on Saturday. For the past week or so, I've been having intermittent Braxton Hicks, which I knew were normal to feel. On that day I had a LOT of them. I didn't keep count, but during some parts of the day they seemed continuous. No other accompanying symptoms, but I started to worry that the increasing frequency was a sign of labor and late-term miscarriage. I upped my fluids (beyond my normal 64 ounces) and that seemed to help a little, not a lot. I checked out some places on the Internet which indicated I should call my provider if I had more than 4-5 per hour. Yikes! I was having at least that many! Finally, got myself worked into such a state that I tried to reach my midwives at home. When that didn't work, I paged them.

Thankfully, my midwife was very reassuring, basically telling me what I already knew intellectually... that it's not uncommon to feel them like this, even this frequently, especially with a third pregnancy. She told me to keep an eye on them, take it easy, drink a lot fluids (a gallon a day... gak!), keep my feet up and try not to worry so much. And these were high on my abdomen, not low and crampy, which is apparently even more reassuring. I also posted my concerns to the various parenting lists I'm subscribed to and got much reassurance there. :-) This seems to happen to a lot of women on their second pregnancies and beyond, even this early or earlier!

Since Saturday, they don't seem as bad, though they haven't gone away completely. I never felt them this early with my other pregnancies. Never felt them at all with Bailey and not until 37 weeks with HM, when I *wanted* it to be labor anyway. I think if these would just have held out for a couple more weeks until I can feel the baby moving consistently I wouldn't have been such a basket case about it. Not that I really had any doubt, but I certainly learned just how invested I am in this baby.

After the past couple of days spent wondering if some of that "gas" might actually be baby movement, today I know it really is baby movement without a doubt. Gas doesn't generally ping me in the bladder like baby is!

Also, these are some pretty strong movements... not quite kicks or punches, but significantly more than flutters. From here on out, I may at any time be caught in a trance, cradling my belly. Either that, or you'll see me clandestinely poking my belly to see if I can get a reaction. I used to torment Hannah Mac in utero (when she was significantly bigger than this bubs currently is) by pressing repeatedly on what I'm pretty sure was her foot. She did not particularly appreciate that activity, but it was loads of fun for me :-).

This is my favorite part of pregnancy (doesn't everyone say that?). The pregnancy has always felt real, but suddenly I feel much more connected to this baby as a real person. Until now, I would look at my girls and have a hard time connecting that which I know is growing inside of me to the concept of another entirely unique personality... another member of the family. Now I'm starting to grasp the reality. Let the prenatal bonding begin!


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