Betsy BaileySymptom swap Things are looking up! Thirteen weeks and I'm starting to think ahead. Seeing my belly growing and knowing...
Betsy Bailey

Symptom swap
Things are looking up! Thirteen weeks and I'm starting to think ahead. Seeing my belly growing and knowing that I may be feeling the baby move within a matter of weeks (or even days!) is very exciting for me. So far, every little abdominal flutter and thump that I am agonizingly attuned to has proven to be the infamous passing of gas, but I know it will be soon be baby movements I feel. I look forward to being able to keep close tabs on this little one.

And, some more good news (superstitious fool that I am, I'm almost afraid to say this for fear of jinxing myself.. but here goes):

I think I'm starting to feel better!!!!!!!

At the very least, I have felt pretty much near human for the past couple of days with no nausea or headaches and only minimal fatigue. I'm sure I'll have a setback here and there before it's completely over with (probably will have one tomorrow since I went and blabbed here about my good fortune).

And as the worst of the first trimester blahs diminish, I've noticed some other symptoms are rushing to fill the gaps: heartburn in place of the nausea, 3 am insomnia instead of bone-crushing fatigue, etc. That is quite all right, however! Minor complaints compared to the hell of the past 11 weeks. I'm so busy reuniting with my appetite that I don't plan on spending a lot of time whining in this journal entry! :-)

Having two kids already -- the oldest of whom is only three -- you'd think there isn't a lot that we'd need. Gadget-wise, there really isn't... except little things here and there. And we might need some new baby clothes if this one turns out to be a boy (we have two girls). The real concern, however, has been with my maternity wardrobe. I hadn't been giving it much thought until the past couple of weeks. Then I realized that I am already starting to show a bit (that third baby legacy) and need to put this on my priority list!

Call me weird... I think I may be one of the few women who prefers the way she looks in maternity clothes over nonmaternity clothing. I am fairly thin, but also short-waisted and even when I'm not pregnant I look better in tunic styles. I love the look of my pregnant shape, especially with a nice tunic-style sweater draped over some leggings. Aside from the fact that pregnancy and lactation are the only conditions that promote me to a B cup, the juxtaposition of a big belly goes a long way towards making my legs look nicely trim. Yes, I'm vain.

Oh, and the best part of ALL is that pregnancy is the only time I don't have to suck in my gut. Heaven.

The main problem I'm having now is that all the nice maternity sweaters I had from my last pregnancy were borrowed, so I can't count on those again. Both of the girls were winter pregnancies like this one will be, but I had given most of my own maternity clothes away. Just last week, I got a bunch of them back and many of them are still salvageable, but some of them are just yuck. I'd rather burn them than wear them ever again. So after sorting them out, and saving what I could save, I really got to have fun... buying new stuff. I bought some custom-fitted maternity Levi's and a skirt in the trendy ankle-length. Plus a few more leggings. And I bought turtlenecks and tunics galore. I think I'm set!

The real fun was trying all these things on. I can still wear most of my normal clothes, although the waistbands are getting tight. I'm really hoping for a cool September, or I might actually have to buy a few warm weather maternity clothes... my time of transitional clothing is coming to an end quickly.

Even when wearing my normal clothes, The Belly is starting to call attention to itself. But when I tried on some maternity clothes... wowza! I had forgotten that a maternity cut has so much influence over how pregnant a woman looks. I could pass for six months or more if I were wearing maternity clothes regularly (which is far preferable to looking merely chubby around the midsection and no one quite has the nerve to ask if you're pregnant, just in case you aren't).

This is starting to become fun again!


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