Come Meet Jen, The Mother Of One Who Is Expecting Her Second Child In November Of 1999!

Come meet Jen, the mother of one who is expecting her second child in November of 1999!
An introduction
Writing a pregnancy diary is something I have often thought about doing, even to the point of buying a blank book when I was pregnant with my son. I never actually did it though, with no really good reason for why. Now that Nancy and Betsy have asked me to contribute weekly comments on this pregnancy, I have the perfect impetus.

This is my second pregnancy and we a thrilled and apprehensive and excited and nervous and giddy and scared, just like last time. I am 31 and I live in North Carolina with my husband of eight years and our three-year-old son. We are recent transplants to the area: we spent the last thirteen years around the Boston and New Haven areas, but I was born and raised in Phoenix. Day-to-day, I am a technical writer for a computer software company, and my biggest hobbies are knitting and reading. I also enjoy skiing, sailing, and


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