In Early Labor, Having A Nutritious Meal Gives You Some Much Needed Energy

Most of us know not to eat while in labor, but in early labor having a nutritious meal gives you some much needed energy. Childbirth Educator Kira Smith (ICCE) tells us more.
Kira Smith , ICCE

Your question
What are some good things to eat and drink in very early labor, to keep your energy up?

The expert answers
In early labor it is a good idea to have a nutritious meal so you can keep up your energy levels. Early labor sometimes lasts for several hours so there is no need to deprive yourself. Complex carbohydrates with B vitamins, such as whole grains, beans and starchy vegetables, are especially helpful.

You also want to make sure that you stay hydrated. Becoming dehydrated can make your body work less efficiently and leave you feeling very tired both during labor and afterwards. Gatorade, Emergen_C and Recharge are some good choices as well as broth, caffeine-free herb tea and Popsicles. Once your labor becomes more active you will probably become less interested in eating but it is still important to keep consuming fluids. Sometimes, mothers throw up during labor so don't choose any foods that are hard to bring back up and avoid things like orange juice which are often vomited nasally.

- Kira Smith, M.Ed,

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