Possible Reasons For "Measuring Small"

After about 20 weeks, the height of your fundus (the top of your uterus), measured in centimeters from the top of your pubic bone, correllates with the current week of pregnancy. Therefore, at 25 weeks, your caregiver will expect your fundal height to be about 25 centimeters. But what if the two don't correlate? Obstetrician/Gynecologist David Barrere tells you about some of reasons this might happen.
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My fundal height is measuring 30 and I am almost 33 weeks pregnant. My doctor said he was not concerned, but did make a note of it. Is this normal? Does it mean that my baby might not be growing well? - Samantha, Florida

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At each obstetrical visit, your doctor should measure your stomach to see how the uterus is growing. This gives the obstetrician a rough idea of how the baby is growing. The growing baby puts pressure on the wall of the uterus, stimulating the uterus to grow. From 20 to 28 weeks, typically the height of the uterus is concordant with the gestational age. After 28 weeks, then individual differences tend to appear. For example, a petite woman tends to peak around 35 centimeters, while obese women can have fundal heights that far exceed their gestational age.

Provided that your uterus is continuing to grow, then it is presumed that baby is also growing. If it appears as though you have reached your "plateau" too early, then an ultrasound for fetal growth should be considered.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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