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Once the medical experts have had their say, it's time for another kind of expert -- a real mom. Abbi Perets is a journalist and the mother of two -- and she's exclusively here on Pregnancy & Baby to tell you her advice about pregnancy, birth, parenting and more.

Life after cesarean
So you had a c-section, and now you feel as though you're stapled and taped together. Here's what three new moms said about coming unglued:

I had been dreading taking my Steri-strips off for a week. My incision was itchy and driving me nuts, and I was afraid to take the tape off because my hair is starting to grow back. Today, I couldn't stand it anymore - so I got in the shower and took them off. It wasn't that bad. I am thinking maybe the water helped. So when it is time to take yours off, try the shower.
-- Marlayna, two weeks postpartum

Better yet, take a long bath. I was supposed to take mine off last Sunday, but my husband was not looking forward to doing it. So we kept putting it off. Last night I made him; I went in, took a 15-minute bath, came out.and [the Steri-strips] came off slicker then heck!
-- Stacy, two weeks postpartum

I did mine last week. I just pulled. It felt better to have them off!
-- Megan, three weeks postpartum

The strips didn't bother me so much as the leftover adhesive did. It was like super glue!
-- Vanessa, two years postpartum

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