Tips On Helping Her Through Pregnancy

For the next nine months or so, your partner will experience physical and hormonal changes that help prepare her for motherhood. What can you can do as a dad-to-be to show her your appreciation while also preparing yourself for your new role?
Nancy & Betsy

Ron Huxley, a father of four and a licensed child and family therapist, offers the following suggestions!

  • Put her first. Putting your partner's needs first is one of the surest ways to build a healthy relationship with her and your baby. Ask her what she needs, and anticipate those needs whenever possible.

  • Be involved. Don't sit passively watching the pregnancy go by. Get in there and ask questions, experiment, and learn about your new baby.

  • Find good mentors. Being a dad today is very different than it was for our own fathers. To bridge this gap, find someone to role model what fathering is all about. Look in your workplace, church, or other social circles for dads who have been successful in their family relationships and ask if they will walk alongside you for a while.

    Good luck!

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