Plan Ahead To Get Your Baby's Social Security Number

Did you know that you can apply for your baby's social security number at the hospital?
Nancy & Betsy

When you fill out the information for your baby's birth certificate, you can ask to have a SSN assigned to your baby, and the vital statistics office for your state will forward the request.

Within a couple months, your baby will get what is probably his or her first piece of mail: the social security card. When preparing for your hospital or birth center trip, bring your own SSNs along; you'll need them when you apply.

If you wait to sign your baby up, the process is a lot more work: You'll need to fill out an application; show at least two documents as evidence of your baby's age, identity and citizenship; and show evidence of your identity.

No matter how you do it, there is no charge for a Social Security card or number -- so pass on any companies that offer this "service" for a

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