Ways To Cope In The Heat!

It's hot out there and you probably feel hotter because you are pregnant. Obstetrician/Gynecologist David Barrere offers some tips for beating the heat.
David Barrere, MD

Your question
Is there anything special I should do or know about being pregnant when the weather is hot?

The expert answers
During the summer months, pregnant women should take extra precautions against sun and heat exposure. Appropriate sunscreen protection with UV-B block is encouraged.

A pregnant woman is easily dehydrated. Hot weather makes dehydration more likely, so fluid intake should be increased during the summer months. Eight to 10 glasses of water per day are suggested.

If a woman does become dehydrated, uterine contractions can become more likely. This could possibly lead to premature labor and delivery. Oral fluid boluses are utilized initially if this occurs. If more than six contractions are felt in an hour, the physician should be contacted immediately. In this circumstance, a more aggressive approach with IV fluids and medications would most likely be used.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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