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Question: "I am scheduled for a cesarean on Monday. This will be my third child and second section. I need advice for getting through the first couple of weeks. I am bound and determined to breastfeed this baby for at least a year." - Elise
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"Try different holds and see what works. Side lying and football keep baby off the incision, if you're able to breastfeed that way. My baby and I had a tough time, and I had to use different holds depending on which side she was on." - Ilysiana

"I found that using a bunch of regular bed pillows around me worked well for the first week or so after birth. Then I was able to use the Boppy and loved it. In the beginning, breastfeeding can be a challenging, but once you are in the swing of things, it really is easier and less work than bottle feeding. I would say it takes a good six to eight weeks to get totally comfortable with it." - Missy

"Definitely the Boppy -- a true lifesaver. Completely keeps the baby off your incision." - Kari

"Very important is your birth plan! This is key to assuring that breastfeeding gets off to a good start. It is unfortunately quite common for a mom who has had a cesarean birth to be separated from her baby for a good while. By the time they're reunited, the baby has already been given a bottle of formula or water. Now starts the rollercoaster ride of nipple confusion, jaundice, delays in the milk coming in... the list goes on. Have someone attend your birth who will be with the baby the entire time and will make sure your wishes are followed." - Heidi

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