Sex During Pregnancy

You may have been told that once the baby arrives, romance departs. But that doesn't have to be the case! Michael Webb offers a new and loving way to look at this fantastic time of your life.
Michael Webb

From the heart
I've done hundreds of media interviews over the last five years. One of the questions that is logically asked is "do you have any children?" When I said that we didn't have any children (up until a a few months ago), the reporter would usually state that the romance would come to a screeching halt once the baby arrived. I wasn't sure whether to be mad at them or simply pity them.

Yes, romance can go out of the window when children arrive if your concept of romance is exchanging expensive gifts, dinners at fancy restaurants and exotic vacations. While those things can be nice, they really speak little of your love for one another. Anyone can throw money around to try to impress another person. Real romance goes deeper. As I've stated before, romance comes from the heart, not out of your wallet.

A family of love
So, how have I kept the romance alive during our first few months as parents? Here are just a couple of ways I have let Ashton help me express my love for Athena.

When Ashton is sleeping, he often likes to put both his arms straight out from his sides. Last week, I took a sheet of printer paper and cut out a comic "bubble." I put the bubble right above our son's head as he was taking a nap. When Athena went to check on him, she saw him sleeping with outstretched arms and a "bubble" that said, 'I love my mommy this much.'

Most new parents carry around photos of their children and on the back is written the age when the picture was taken. Today, I took one of our press photos and cut out Athena and put it in the pouch on Ashton's outfit. When Athena discovered it, she saw that Ashton (with dad's help) had scribbled on the back of the photograph, "Mommy, age 31." He just loves showing off photographs of his beautiful mom.

Don't let anyone con you into thinking that the romance has to cease just because you have children. It's a terrible myth that needs to be exposed and

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