Microwaves And Pregnancy

Go ahead and heat up last night's spaghetti -- the typical kitchen microwave has not been shown to cause any problems to expectant moms or their developing babies.

pregnancy and microwaves

The radiation safety experts at the Health Physics Society say, "Current models of microwave ovens for domestic use are shielded to reduce microwave radiation levels to very small levels. Leakage from operating ovens is minimal. Because of the minimal radiation levels, there have been no reports of adverse pregnancy outcomes (i.e., ill effects in the newborn) as a result of microwave oven use." But that's not all. The Kalamazoo-based Bronson Methodist Hospital Healthcare in Review (Fall 2000) states, "Microwave ovens are safe to use during pregnancy because the radiation is nonionizing, and the microwaves cannot penetrate the mother to the fetus even if the oven were leaking radiation." Of course, we think it's always smart to take a couple precautions: Make sure the microwave door closes completely and securely, and, for good measure, step away from the nuker while it's in action.

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