Waiting For The Bump

So, when will you finally look pregnant? Some women begin to 'show' their pregnancy at around 12 weeks, while others don't appear noticeably expectant until 28 weeks or later.

when will I show?

There are many factors at work here, including (but not limited to):

  • Genetics
  • Your pre-pregnancy weight-to-height ratio
  • How much weight you have put on
  • Your posture
  • Whether or not you are carrying more than one baby
  • Size of the baby/babies
  • The strength of your abdominal muscles and ligaments (this will also be impacted by a previous pregnancy)

If there's any one thing people (including total strangers) feel comfortable about commenting on, it's how you're showing -- or not. You might be too big, too small, smaller than they were, bigger than they think you 'should' be, et cetera.

I think with being pregnant you become public property or something. I have different reactions -- some say I don't show, others say I am big. I normally am very slim and have gained around ten pounds now at 23 weeks of pregnancy. I think people just would love to see me become overweight or really heavy. My husband told me, 'They are jealous, you look too good.' - Dina

A lot of people will probably try to guess the baby's gender based on how and where you're showing or any one of many old wives' tales. Our advice: Enjoy the attention as best as you can, and try your best to assume that all commentary is made with the best of intentions. Most of the time, it's really just an icebreaker or a way for people to make conversation.

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