Post-Baby Sex

Most caregivers recommend around six weeks recovery time after a vaginal birth, which is more or less the same for a cesarean delivery.

post baby sex

In both instances, the uterus needs to get back to its postpartum size; and no matter your baby's exit route, there's some skin and muscle that needs to heal. One Pregnancy & Baby expert tells us, "I evaluate my cesarean section patients one week and four weeks after delivery. Typically, by four weeks, most women can resume nearly normal activity, including sexual intercourse." (Read more in Resuming sex after cesarean.) In addition, the ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) states the following:

Most women will need about 4 to 6 weeks after delivery to heal. Women who have had a cesarean delivery may take a little longer to heal before their ob-gyn gives the green light for sexual activity. It is fine to resume sex after the cervix has closed (usually around 4 weeks after delivery) and as soon as intercourse is comfortable, but the healing process should be complete to avoid hurting fragile tissues. Some women, however, may find that they don't have much interest in sex after giving birth due to fatigue, stress, fear of pain, lack of opportunity and/or lack of desire. This is usually temporary, though.

So, basically, if your caregiver signs off on it after an exam and you feel ready to give it a go, enjoy. Yes, it will feel a little different -- but that's a topic for another article! (Just be sure to use plenty of lubricant and take it nice and slow.)

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