Is This It?

If you notice blood-tinged mucous ("bloody show") from the vagina, you may be losing the mucous plug that has sealed off the cervix up to this point.

woman holding pregnant belly

This is another sign that your body is preparing for labor. Also look for the bloody show: a small amount of blood that appears as the cervix stretches and dilates. (If you see a large amount of blood, contact your caregiver immediately.) You may also pass your mucous plug. When this happens, it does not necessarily mean that you will be in labor immediately -- it could be days before that happens. Here's how six different moms described losing their mucus plug:

Vreebug: I have been having this clear mucousy, jelly like stuff coming out of me this morning. It's coming out in little tiny globs. I thought the plug was supposed to be yellow tinged and snotty looking. I never did see my plug with my other two, so I have no idea. Anyone?
leeshalynn: I've never had my plug be yellowish at all. It's always been clear or cloudy white.
OAndrea: Mine was whiteish with dried blood stains. And it is still coming out.
cheriesrealm: Mine was/is a yellowish hue with light brown/tan streaks and some parts blood tinged. It started coming out yesterday early afternoon and I was getting some every time I wiped -- but today, not a lot has come out.
livvah: Mine was cloudy, with no blood at all.
Lauren23: Mine was like clear, thick jello globs with streaks of red and brown thoughout it. I lost a lot of it one morning, some more that afternoon, and my water broke that night.

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