What Is Going On?

Have you heard a weird noise coming from your pregnant belly? Maybe a snap, crackle or a pop -- or a tick or a click?

pregnant woman with shoes on belly

(No, we're not kidding -- a lot of women do hear such things.) Unfortunately, we have not been able to figure out what exactly the noise is caused by... so the only solace we can offer is that you're not alone! Here's what some moms with only another month or so left in their pregnancies said to describe the strange noises they heard:

Okay, I may be a freak, but I hear 'snaps' coming from my belly. I heard them when pregnant with my son too. I asked my doc and he had no idea (because he was never there at the right moment to hear them). It sounds like a muffled version of a knuckle cracking. it's pretty weird, and I know it's not me because I don't feel anything, just hear it. My husband and others have heard it also. I guess I figure it's bones popping since they are so active at this point. It's pretty gross... am I the only one? - chrisa
OMG, I heard this the other day! I was poking around and I heard a loud snapping sound... and it freaked me out! I was afraid I had broken my water or something (which of course I didn't). It *did* sound like knuckle cracking -- sounded exactly like that!- jhdev
Yep! I have heard it too! I even jump and look done to see what it is! - Momma2C
You are not the only one, and my oldest son has heard them as well. I don't think it is bones, only because I'm not actually moving when I hear them -- typically I'm sitting down or just standing somewhere. Totally weird, totally freaks me out. My ob said the same thing, "Duh, I dont know what that is." - gemgem
I'm with you. I couldn't even figure out how to explain it to my husband, much less to my midwife...but I have heard popping noises in there several times in the past couple of weeks. - Geralyn

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