Sprout Is A New IPhone And IPad App That Allows You To Track Your Pregnancy. Learn More About It!

Sprout is a new iPhone and iPad app that allows you to track your pregnancy. Learn more about it!
Sprout is a new iPhone and iPad app that allows you to track your pregnancy. While there is no shortage of such apps, Consumer Reports provided a very positive review for the app. Sprout was created by American Baby Magazine and Med ART Studios. According to the developer, Sprout has what you need:
• Helpful information about you and your developing baby • Stunning color images and 3D models of fetal development • Pregnancy tools, including a weight tracker, kick counter, and contraction timer • Personal and interactive MyBaby and Doctor Says sections
The App costs $3.99. As a bonus, you'll receive a free subscription to American Baby Magazine with your download. The purpose of Sprout is to keep you informed about your growing baby. You'll receive images and info about how your baby is forming at any point during your pregnancy. It also keeps track of your days, weeks and months and provides the oh-so-necessary, especially toward the end, due date countdown. Tools on the Sprout app:
  • Weight tracker
  • Calendar to track doctor's appointments
  • Images of baby in utero
  • Generic advice about how you should eat, feel and exercise
  • Kick counter
  • To-do list
  • Newborn essentials list
  • Contraction counter

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