Did You Know That Oklahoma Has One Of The Highest Infant Mortality Rates In The Country? Find Out What The State Is Doing To Reduce The Number Of Babies Who Die.

Did you know that Oklahoma has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country? Find out what the state is doing to reduce the number of babies who die.
Did you know that Oklahoma has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country? According to Tulsa World, a baby dies every day in Oklahoma. Sometimes, more than one baby dies. The worst part is that many of these deaths are preventable.
According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Oklahoma ranks 46th in the country in infant mortality with a rate of 8.5 deaths per 1,000 births. The national rate is 6.7 deaths per 1,000 births.
To put this number in perspective, nine babies die every week in Oklahoma. In Tulsa County, the infant mortality rate is higher: 9.42 babies per 1,000 births. Even more staggering is the mortality rate among minorities. 18.7 babies African American babies died per 1,000 births. So, what is the state doing about this? To solve the problem, the state must understand why the infant mortality rate is so high. While there are many factors, some are fairly simple. For example, not enough mothers are taking prenatal vitamins. Many don't know how beneficial they are and others may have limited access. To address this, health providers are spreading the word that expectant moms can get free prenatal vitamins from Reasor's Pharmacy with a prescription. Additionally, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is one of the main causes of infant death in the state of Oklahoma. The state health department has a campaign, "Help us wake up Tulsa," to educate moms on how to put their babies to sleep. >> Spreading awareness: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome To read more about what the state of Oklahoma is doing to reduce infant deaths, see the Tulsa World blog.

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