The Fertility Clock IPhone App Helps You Track Your Fertility. Learn More About It!

The Fertility Clock iPhone app helps you track your fertility. Learn more about it!
If you're hoping to get pregnant soon and want to chart your fertility, forget the old pen and paper way. Heck, forget using online programs on your laptop. Because hey, there's an app for that! The Fertility Clock app for your iPhone, iPad and iPod charts your monthly cycle and predicts high and low fertility days. It also "comes complete with reports, monthly calendars, charts, and graphs to help women understand each monthly menstrual cycle and ovulation period." Highlights of the Fertility Clock app:
  • Computes current cycle day
  • Predicts beginning of next menstrual cycle
  • Reports the number of days until high fertility levels and ovulation
  • Allows you to track spotting, cramps, cervical fluid and basal waking temperature
  • Has a calendar view where you can see your entire monthly cycle*
* The calendar view allows you to "select any day on the calendar to review recorded medical symptoms and then use data export to quickly share that information over email with her spouse or doctor." The Fertility Clock app costs $1.99 and you can download it from the App Store (it's under the Medical category). Here's a little YouTube video of the Fertility Clock app More iPhone apps Luv-Dub iPhone app Smartphone apps for pregnancy Websites and apps to track your fertility

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