Having Trouble Choosing A Name For Your Baby? Jealous Of The Whacky Names Celebs Come Up With? Try Celebrity Baby Namer!

Having trouble choosing a name for your baby? Jealous of the whacky names celebs come up with? Try Celebrity Baby Namer!
Trying to decide on a name for your baby? Having a hard time because you're coming up with names that are way too normal? I found the solution! As I was perusing Facebook recently (something I spend a bit too much time doing, ahem), I saw that a friend has "liked" Celebrity Baby Namer on Facebook. Because I have no free time but I still love to waste time, courtesy of Facebook, I of course clicked on it. I discovered a fun new website, Celebrity Baby Namer. And then I started having fun. Lots of it. I also discovered that the site was created by one of the founders of SheKnows! My celebrity girl names:
  1. General Denara
  2. Pandora Clytemnestra
  3. Pippi Porsche
My celebrity boy names:
  1. Hayyden
  2. Lueler
  3. Broastian
I thought I was done adopting children, but now that I have the name "Pippi Porsche" in my mind, I might be willing to handle another year of sleepless nights. I kept requesting more names...and I kept laughing! Not all of the names on Celebrity Baby Namer are totally off the wall. The site also lists endless baby names that celebs have chosen, and not all are completely crazy. For example, I love Zoe Grace, the name chosen by Dennis and Kimberly Quaid. So, what's your celeb baby name? More baby name ideas International baby names Theme baby names for girls Social Security List: Most popular names for 2010

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