The Luv-Dub IPhone App Allows Pregnant Moms To Share Their Prenatal Appointments With Anyone! Keep Reading For More Details.

The Luv-Dub iPhone app allows pregnant moms to share their prenatal appointments with anyone! Keep reading for more details.
I listed several apps that might be useful for women hoping to conceive or women who are expecting, but I just came across another. The Luv-Dub iPhone app might be just what you need if you want to share your prenatal appointments with anyone special. Dr. Keshma Saujan, an Atlanta physician, created the Luv-Dub app when she realized how often people significant to an expectant mom have to miss prenatal appointments. "What started the whole project was having patients coming in here not being able to bring family or their husbands that were at work or mother out of town and that's what got me started," said Dr. Saujan. The Luv-Dub app "can record an entire prenatal visit, including the baby's heartbeat and then share that file with family and friends. It even starts a personal calendar of visits and a countdown," reports MyFox Atlanta. The Luv-Dub app works on iPads and iPhones, and the information it collects can be shared on Facebook. Even better, the Luv-Dub app is completely free! To download it, visit the Apple iTunes store! (Click on the link.) Watch the news piece on the Luv-Dub app

Atlanta Doctor Creates Apps for Expecting Mothers:

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