Want To Learn More About Creating A Birth Plan? SheKnows Pregnancy &Baby Has The 411 On Birth Plans, As Well As A Very Handy Birth Plan Creator!

Want to learn more about creating a birth plan? SheKnows Pregnancy & Baby has the 411 on birth plans, as well as a very handy birth plan creator!
If you're expecting, it's a great idea to create a birth plan. If you're not even sure what a birth plan is, don't worry! We're here to help. A birth plan is a clear statement of your preferences for labor and delivery -- for the process of giving birth to your baby. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like! If you want to read more, start here: Birth Plans: Taking a new look. A birth plan can be a great tool for facilitating communication, as long as you understand it's not a binding contract. Diana Korte, author of The VBAC Companion: The expectant mother's guide to vaginal birth after cesarean offers some information about the best ways to use a birth plan -- with extra advice for those planning a VBAC birth. Once you understand more about birth plans, it's time to create one. We've made that task as simple as possible with our birth plan creator. Summarizing your birth preferences is easy with our interactive checklist. Simply fill in the blanks at the top of the plan below, then check the items you would like to see printed on your birth plan. Each section also offers two to four blank text boxes for you to fill in anything else you would like to add. After you finish filling in all of the blanks, click "Create this birth plan" and you'll have a handy, printable birth plan! Birth plans are very helpful for both you and those assisting with your birth. Don't skip this important step in preparing for your new baby.

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