A New Study Found That Pregnant Women Aren't Adequately Education About Their Childbirth Options. Keep Reading To Learn More.

A new study found that pregnant women aren't adequately education about their childbirth options. Keep reading to learn more.
A new study published in the June issue of Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada shows that pregnant women aren't really prepared to make their own childbirth decisions. Study:
  • 1,318 participants competed a questionnaire
  • 42.6% were under an obstetrician's care
  • 29.3% were under a family physician's care
  • 28.1% were under a registered midwife's care
  • the women were mainly "well-educated, middle-class."
  • Women with obstetricians were "more favourable to the use of birth technology and less supportive of women’s roles in their own delivery."
  • Women with midwives were "less favourable to the use of technology at delivery and more supportive of women’s roles."
  • Women with family physicians had opinions in the middle.
Conclusion: The study authors concluded, "Regardless of the type of care provider they attended, many women reported uncertainty about the benefits and risks of common procedures used at childbirth" Prenatal education The LA Times reported on the study, noting, "Fewer than 30% of the women, all first-time mothers, said they had attended prenatal childbirth classes...a shockingly high number could not answer basic questions regarding the pros, cons or safety issues associated with epidurals, episiotomies, Cesareans and other childbirth options." What do you think? If this is generalizable to the general population of expectant moms, we have some work to do! Women need to be able to take control of their birth options. How knowledgeable were/are you?

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