Charlie Wilcox Smoked Over 3,500 Cigarettes While She Was Pregnant With Her Baby. Learn Her Justification, As Well As What Smoking During Pregnancy Really Does To Your Baby.

Charlie Wilcox smoked over 3,500 cigarettes while she was pregnant with her baby. Learn her justification, as well as what smoking during pregnancy really does to your baby.

Newsflash: Smoking won't turn a developing fetus into a "stronger" baby

Sigh. Charlie Wilcox smoked over 3,500 cigarettes while she was pregnant with her baby, Lilly, who is now 14 weeks old. She says her mom smoked while pregnant with her and she's healthy and fine, so she's doing the same. Furthermore, she believes smoking during pregnancy made her baby stronger. Say what? That's right. According to Wilcox, her baby's heart had to work even harder every time Wilcox smoked a cigarette. In turn, she certainly developed a stronger heart, thanks to all of that extra work. According to Daily Mail, Wilcox said, "‘It’s making the baby use its heart on its own in the first place, so that when it comes out, it’s going to be able to do them (sic) things by itself." She also noted that giving up smoking would have been more stressful on her baby than continuing to smoke was. In fact, Wilxoc refers to a friend's miscarriage, stating that she believes the reason was the her friend quit smoking when she was pregnant. Even worse:
Her boyfriend, and Lilly’s father, Shane Baker, 20, said: ‘At first I didn’t agree with Charlie smoking throughout her pregnancy. ‘I heard all the speculation and gossip about what smoking does to the baby, so I was worried at first. ‘But the scan results were showing different. They were showing we had a healthy baby with a regular heartbeat. To Charlie’s smoking critics, I would say that unless you’re in the situation yourself, then you shouldn’t jump to conclusions.’ (Source: Daily Mail)
Watch for yourself. This is Wilcox, who was pregnant at the time, having a discussion with a midwife. Despite what Charlie Wilcox says, smoking during pregnancy will not make your baby's heart stronger. In fact, it will likely harm your baby. According to the March of Dimes, if you smoke during pregnancy, your baby is more likely to be born with one or more of the following issues:
  • Birth defects such as cleft lip or palate
  • Prematurely
  • Low birth weight
  • Underweight for the number of weeks of pregnancy
Furthermore, by smoking during pregnancy, a woman is putting her pregnancy at risk. She has a great chance of the following:
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Placental abruption
  • Placenta previa
  • Stillbirth
I hope that all of the attention Charlie Wilcox is getting only makes the public more aware of the dangers of smoking during pregnancy. More on smoking during pregnancy Baby's DNA changed when mom smokes during pregnancy Risk of fetal heart defects from smoking during early pregnancy Don’t smoke during pregnancy – your child might become a criminal Poll reveals moms drinking and smoking during pregnancy

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